What is the height of a monitor for a standing desk?

Curious about the optimal height for your monitor while perched at a standing desk? One crucial factor in setting up an ergonomic workspace lies in the correct positioning of your monitor.

Ensuring proper monitor height can drastically reduce the risk of developing neck and back pain, maintaining productivity levels.

How High Should My Monitors Be for a Standing Desk?

The ideal height for your monitor when using a standing desk aligns with the tip of your middle finger to your elbow when your arm is extended, suggesting no less distance from the screen. With the top of the screen at eye level, your posture remains relaxed, requiring minimal neck tilt.

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Maintain a slight upwards tilt of the monitors between 10 and 20 degrees to achieve optimum comfort, helping you avoid straining your neck up or down. This offers maximum ergonomic benefit, maximizing the value of your standing desk.

What is the Correct Height for a Standing Desk?

When attempting to discover the ideal standing desk height, a range between 38 inches and 46 inches typically serves well.

This range lets the average individual maintain a 90-degree angle at the elbows while partaking in common office activities such as typing on a keyboard or operating a mouse. Ensuring correct elbow alignment, coupled with the correct standing desk height, can drastically reduce strain.

Can a Monitor Be Too High?

Of paramount importance is to realize that discomfort from a monitor positioned too high outweighs that from a monitor slightly too low.

An excessively high monitor forces your neck into an uncomfortable upwards tilt, straining your neck and potentially resulting in discomfort or pain. Always bear this in mind when organizing your workstation.

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What Height Should a Standing Desk be for 5'7"?

For a person with a height of 5'7", your standing desk should be around 42 inches high for a comfortable standing workspace. Ensuring the monitor is at eye level and the elbows are at a 90-degree angle while performing tasks paves the way for an optimised ergonomic setup.


In essence, configuring your standing desk set up, including the accurate height for your monitors, reaps immense ergonomic advantages. Remember, maintaining a monitor height where the screen top is at eye level, alongside a slight 10-20 degree upward tilt, proves beneficial.

Equally relevant is the standing desk height, ideally allowing your elbows a 90-degree angle when operating your workstation. Keeping these aspects in mind can significantly enhance your comfort levels, boosting productivity and preserving your health.

In line with these parameters, the comprehensive, ergonomically focused product range on Desky can prove instrumental in building your optimised workspace.

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