What is the best shape for a gaming desk?
Welcome gaming enthusiasts! We know how important your setup is, and so today we're exploring the optimal shape for a gaming desk.

Is an L-shaped Desk Superior for Gaming?

An L-shaped desk often comes with a recommendation for gamers due to the abundance of space it offers. You can accommodate a setup with multiple monitors, your gaming tower, and an assortment of accessories within its extensive dimensions.

For a touch of flair, many desks of this shape can also integrate attractive RGB lighting, a feature that gaming enthusiasts are fond of, such as the Desky Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk. If you're looking to learn more about how such a desk can accommodate a desktop configuration for gaming, delve into our detailed reviews.

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What Desk Suits a Gaming Setup Best?

Determining the superior desk for a gaming setup involves factors beyond shape alone. Dimensions, material quality, ergonomics, added features such as cable management systems, and so on all contribute towards creating an ideal environment for gaming.

Do your research, and you’ll discover various options, including height-adjustable standing desks, which are known to cater to various needs. The ultimate choice should align with the gaming setup's specific requirements and personal gaming preferences.

How Should I Select a Gaming Desk?

When you're deciding on a gaming desk, consider your available space, the number of monitors you plan to use, as well as the size and design of your gaming tower.

Other aspects to keep in mind are your ergonomic needs, the stability and robustness of the desk, convenience features such as cup holders and headphone hooks, and, of course, aesthetic appeal.

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What's the Ideal Size of a Gaming Desk?

Based on common specifications, a gaming desk measuring 60 x 30 x 30 inches (Width x Depth x Height) should offer adequate space for all gaming peripherals, along with a dual monitor setup.

However, these dimensions can flex based on the size of your gaming gear and your preferred setup. To ensure you're comfortable during long gaming sessions, give some thought to your physical height when choosing a desk.


Choosing the right shape for a gaming desk is instrumental in enhancing the gaming experience. An L-shaped desk is often seen as superior due to its vast space and feature offerings.

However, keep in mind that the best desk for you is one that suits your personal gaming setup, maintains ergonomic considerations, and brings you joy each time you sit down for an intensive gaming session.

Remember, the world of gaming is as vast as it is varied. Here's to making yours the best it can possibly be with the right desk!

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