How do you hide cords at a standing desk?

In a modern workspace, managing the variety of cords can be a challenge, especially when using a standing desk, which requires frequent adjustments to suit different working positions.

This guide will focus on how to hide cords at a standing desk. Nobody aspires to see a desk cluttered with cables. An efficient way to maintain order, safety, and a pleasing aesthetic is to manage these cords proficiently.

How do you hide cables in a stand-up desk?

To keep the cables in a stand-up desk well-arranged, consider using cable management products specially designed for this task. Both wrapping up spare cord length in reusable self-gripping cable ties and putting them out of sight, as well as using cord clips to direct cords under the desk surface can prove helpful.

Routed cables give your office space a neat, professional look, while also making your workspace safer and more organized.

Essential steps for hiding cables in a stand-up desk:

  • Begin with unplugging all devices to easily maneuver cords.
  • Separate and gather each cord, using cable ties to bundle any extra length.
  • Attach cord clips at suitable locations under your desk surface and place the bundled cables securely in the cord clips.

For more comprehensive cable arrangement techniques, you can check the guide on how to organise cables, cords & wires under desks.

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How do you hide the cords on a floating desk?

Often, with a floating desk, cords hanging down freely spoil the appearance. To be successful in hiding cables for this desk type, we recommend the use of cord concealers or cable management raceway kits.

The concealers, usually plastic tubing, can efficiently house multiple cords and blend in with wall paint or the desk color. Installing a raceway kit will help you to guide cords seamlessly from the device to the power outlet, making them virtually invisible.

How do you hide desk computer cords?

Computer cords tend to be especially difficult to mask due to the multitude of wires that connect different components. Cable management boxes provide a viable solution. Designed to house power strips, they effortlessly hide excess cords and surge protectors.

To use, place power strip inside the box, connect devices, then stow away extra cable inside. This strategy not only keeps your computer desk uncluttered, but also effectively reduces the risk of tripping or accidentally unplugging devices.

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How do you manage cables with a height-adjustable desk?

Height-adjustable desks pose another level of difficulty due to their movable nature. Considering the vertical movement, cable management sleeves, which are flexible, expandable, and adjustable in length, serve as an optimal solution.

To effectively manage cables, first, group your cables together. Now, wrap the cable sleeve around the bundle, and then adjust the length according to the range of desk adjustment.

Specialised solutions like the Desky Under Desk Cable Management Channel can enhance the effective management of your cables.


With the right tools and approach, managing cords on any desk, including standing desks, can be a hassle-free task, resulting in a cleaner, safer, and more effective workspace.

Keeping cords organized and hidden not only improves the aesthetic of your work area, but also its functional aspects. Learn more about ergonomic workplace solutions and increase your work productivity with Desky-- a leader in ergonomic office furniture.

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