What size table for PC setup?

Welcome to your one-stop source for instituting an optimal PC setup. In this guide, we will assist you in deciding the perfect desk proportions for establishing your gaming or office environment.

Questions like, "What is the ideal size for a gaming desk?" or "Is a 55 inch desk sufficient for gaming?" will be addressed. So, prepare to uncover the secrets to a productive and efficient PC setup.

What is a Good Size for a Gaming Table?

Let's start with a common query: the recommended dimensions for a gaming desk. Generally, for a single monitor setup, which usually holds a dimension between 19 inches and 26 inches, we suggest going for a gaming desk that falls in the 20 inches to 60 inches width range.

Additionally, should your CPU have a width falling in the 10 inches to 20 inches bracket, expanding your gaming desk's width between 32 inches to 74 inches should be considered.

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What Size Desk for PC Gaming?

For those who are interested in PC gaming, acquiring a desk that can house your monitors with ease is essential.

Contemporary PC monitors typically measure from 19 inches to 26 inches in width, corresponding to a 22 inches to 30 inches diagonal. Hence, for a dual monitor arrangement, we recommend a desk spanning between 40 inches and 60 inches in width.

Is a 55 Inch Desk Good for Gaming?

Debating whether a 55-inch desk will suffice as a gaming station? Rest assured, it indeed will. A striking 55-inch desktop not only extends the requisite space for your gaming monitors, console, and keyboard, but it also provides enough room for assorted gaming paraphernalia.

For slightly smaller desk sizes, refer to Is a 40 inch desk good for gaming?.

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How Long Should a Desk be for 2 Monitors?

Perhaps your chosen setup includes dual monitors. In such a case, the appropriate desk size isn't just a preference but a prerequisite for a comfortable gaming environment.

For sufficient elbow room and excellent posture maintenance, our suggestion aligns with choosing a desk measuring at least 55 inches in width and 30 inches in depth.


In sum, ascertaining the perfect desk size for your PC setup primarily depends on your monitor dimensions and additional setup accessories.

As a rule, ensure—with the utmost attention—that your furniture supports not only your gaming or office requirements but also aids in preserving a fine posture to preserve your bodily health. With the guidance provided here, we trust you now possess a clearer road map to selecting your ideal PC setup desk.

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