What do you call L-shaped desk?

As ergonomic office furniture specialists at Desky, we frequently field distinct questions related to office furniture terms and definitions. One query we find especially intriguing concerns the naming of different desk shapes and sizes. The question at hand is, "What do you call an L-shaped desk?".

What is an angled desk called?

An angled desk is a type of desk that has a corner or an angle in its shape, usually forming an L or a V. Angled desks are often used to maximize the use of space in a room, as they can fit into corners or along walls.

Angled desks may also provide more surface area for working or storing items than a regular rectangular desk. The L-shaped desk, the most common angled desk, has two rectangular sections that are joined at a right angle, forming an L shape.

This desk can be placed in a corner or along two walls and may have drawers, shelves, or cabinets for storage. L-shape desks are popular for home offices, as they can accommodate a computer, a printer, and other accessories.

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What are thin desks called?

Writing desks are what one might consider when thinking of minimalist, lightweight office furniture.

These desks, designed with an unadorned rectangle as the writing surface and perched on four legs, offer the user a compact working area. These desks cater to light use, such as handwriting or laptop use, due to their thin appearance and minimalist design.

Distinct Features of Writing Desks:

  • Thin rectangular writing surface
  • Open space beneath for legroom
  • Four sturdy legs to support the desk

What is a large desk called?

When considering sizeable desk options ideal for keeping you active, most people think of executive desks. Frequently encountered in premium office décor, these desks impart an aura of authority and elegance.

They combine ample rectangular desk space with a variety of storage options. These desks often have deep drawers, cabinets, or occasionally hidden shelving, reflecting their substantial size and functionality.

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What do you call a small desk?

Common in workspaces that require minimal storage, writing desks can also be classified as small desks.

They feature a basic design that includes a surface and four legs, making them an ideal workspace for those looking for a place to study or write. The design of a writing desk is essentially that of a table, albeit smaller and designed for a single user.


The landscape of office furniture is varied and interesting, with unique names to match different spaces and needs. We've navigated through the definitions of angled desks, thin desks, large desks, and small ones for a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

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