How long does a standing desk motor last?
Intrigued by the promise of a healthier work environment, many of us have jumped onto the standing desk bandwagon. But, an obvious question lingers; how long does a standing desk motor last? This article aims to satisfy your curiosity by delving into the nitty-gritty of the motors powering these ergonomic furniture pieces.

Are electric standing desks reliable?

Standing desks that employ electronic motors for height-adjustment boast of greater dependability compared to their hand-crank counterparts. Why? This leans back on our main topic of interest - the motor. Electronic standing desks eliminate the load-balancing issues that manual adjustable models can suffer from, thanks to their electric motors.

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With the touch of a button, you can control the descent or ascent of your desk without breaking a sweat. This motor-driven operation is a game-changer and makes it the ideal choice.

Which motor is used in standing desk?

In standing desks, you’ll come across two motor types that essentially run the show. These include a singular motor, which powers a single column and has a more limited range of functionalities.

By contrast, the dual-motor setup offers a greater degree of stability and an impressive weight capacity. For more information on the difference visit our comprehensive comparison between single motor vs. dual motors here.

Do standing desks break down?

It's worth noting that electric height-adjustable desks can have their shortcomings. For instance, their motors could burn out, their electrical wires could break, or voltage issues could stall the desk altogether.

On top of this, the wiring system could, in the worst-case scenario, catalyse an electrical fire due to liquid spills on the desk. However, keep in mind that these instances are not the norm and most high-quality standing desks are built to withstand the regular wear and tear of office life.

Hence, we always recommend to buy only from a reputable and trusted retailers such as Desky. Desky offers a range of high-quality electric height-adjustable desks that are designed to be durable, stable, and safe.

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What happens when a standing desk loses power?

If you're worried about what happens when there's a power outage, rest assured. The standing desk motor only operates during desk movement.

In case of a power loss, the only thing you forfeit is the desk's adjustability. This could be a minor inconvenience at most, stressing the fact that an adjusted desk has a plethora of benefits.

If you're curious about the power consumption of electric desks, you can refer yo our article of the same name.


A standing desk motor serves as the unsung hero in the ergonomic furniture world. Its longevity depends largely on the type of motor and the quality of the desk. Electric standing desks, with their motor-powered, single push-button operation, outshine manual models in terms of reliability.

However, occasional maintenance to avoid issues such as motor burnout, wire damage, or voltage problems is critical. Even in the event of a power cut, your ability to move the desk is the only compromise, without affecting its core function. Armed with this insight, you’ll be better placed to make an informed decision when selecting your standing desk.

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