How long do electric sit stand desks last?

Welcome on board! Today, we'll demystify questions such as "How long do electric sit stand desks last?" With the shift towards healthier work environments, electric sit-stand desks have grown in popularity. But how durable are they actually? Let's dive deep into this topic.

Are Electric Standing Desks Reliable?

Electric standing desks prioritise convenience and reliability. Equipped with electronic motors, these innovative desks, like our Desky Dual Rubberwood Sit Stand Desk can transition between standing and sitting heights at the simple touch of a button.

Handcrank style standing desks, on the other hand, often reveal load-balancing weaknesses during our tests, so electric variants are often preferred for their enhanced reliability. However, like any product, they are not entirely free of potential issues.

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Do Adjustable Desks Break?

Electrically operated height-adjustable desks have previously been criticised for being prone to breakdowns caused by motor burnout, broken wires, or voltage complications.

Additionally, concerns lie in any electronic product's potential for electrical hazards, like an unexpected liquid spill causing system failure or, in the worst case, an electrical fire.

Thankfully, escalation to such dramatic scenarios is rare, but these are considerations to bear in mind while opting for electric desks.

Addressing Mechanical Failures

Even though mechanics might frail, remember that electric adjustable desks, are generally fairly reliable. But if these situations occur, the best solution is to contact the product's support team for professional assistance.

What Happens When A Standing Desk Loses Power?

The primary impact of a standing desk losing power is the loss of adjustability. The desk simply remains in its latest position when a power outage occurs, unable to raise or lower until power resumes.

However, this momentary lack of mobility is usually an acceptable trade-off in favor of the immense benefits an electric height adjustable desk provides.

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Do Standing Desks Use A Lot Of Electricity?

If you're concerned that motorised desks will significantly impact your electricity bill, worry no more! On average, a motorised desk only consumes around 200 watts when raising or lowering the desk, and when on standby, the power consumption is an almost insignificant 0.2 watts!

Energy Efficient Workstations

Electric height-adjustable desks align with sustainable strategies too! They draw minimal power, making them energy-efficient and eco-friendly answers to your ergonomic needs.


In conclusion, electric sit stand desks provide a balance of convenience, reliability, and energy efficiency. The enormous advantages frequently outweigh difficulties like potential mechanical failures or the desk being immobile in a power outage.

These innovative office furniture pieces foster a healthier, more comfortable work environment, and their longevity aligns them with a good ROI for businesses and individuals alike.

When choosing a sit-stand desk, always ensure to opt for reputable manufacturers like Desky who support their product with a warranty and customer service. Therein lies the true value and longevity of your electric sit-stand desk!

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