Can you connect monitor to PC without cable?

Envision a workspace devoid of tangled cables. Wireless technology allows this dream to become a reality, particularly in the relationship between a PC and its monitor.

Connecting monitors without cabling is feasible and could help streamline your systems. But how exactly does it happen? We'll explore this topic in depth below.

Can I connect PC to Monitor Wirelessly?

Yes, laptops can connect wirelessly to additional screens using embedded features like Miracast, native to Windows devices, or Apple's superior AirPlay. These features expedite wireless connectivity.

An alternate route could involve standalone solutions such as Chromecast or wireless HDMI products, with PeakDo being a standout example. To further your understanding of using laptops as additional monitors, you might want to take a look at this Desky guide on using 2 laptops as dual monitors.

Can I Connect Monitor to PC with Just HDMI?

While looking at our PC's rear panel or the wake of our laptop, we often spot an HDMI output. Correspondingly, most modern monitors also cater to HDMI input. HDMI, being a universal standard, links devices notably effortlessly.

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To comprehend why HDMI is preferred, look through our detailed post on monitor connections for your specific setup. Consider running a standard HDMI cable from your computer's output to the monitor's input. Doing this paves the way for automatic display detection by your Windows system.

Steps to Connect Monitor to PC with HDMI:

  • Secure a standard HDMI cable.
  • Attach one termination of the cable to your computer's HDMI output.
  • Plug the other termination into your monitor's HDMI input.
  • Windows will then automatically commence product detection.

Do Wireless Computer Monitors Exist?

Indeed, there are wireless monitors designed to streamline workspaces and minimize cable clutter.

These gadgets offer a phenomenal experience of convenience, inviting us to start working straightaway, sans the fuss of managing surplus cords. To experience more comfort while working, you might be interested in our range of monitor arms and stands for a flexible setup.

Do Monitors Need Cables?

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Monitors, on purchase, generally come equipped with a power cable and a video cable or two. However, whether the cable aligns with our specific needs often remains dubious. More often than not, contemporary monitors host a variety of ports, catering to alternates, although not all potential cables are provided.


Staying attuned to our technological landscape's evolution helps to optimally outfit workstations. By deploying the appropriate features or products, one can make connecting a PC to a monitor a cable-free affair.

If you are also seeking to increase your workspace or improve your posture, check out our versatile range of single or dual screen monitor risers. Whether it's leveraging embedded features like Miracast or HDMI, using standalone solutions such as Chromecast, or embracing next-generation wireless monitors, we can declutter our space and reinvent productivity.

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