Can I use 2 laptops as dual monitors?

Welcome to Desky, where we aim to enhance your productivity in the workplace. In this article, we dive into a commonly asked question: "Can I use 2 laptops as dual monitors?"

The simple answer is yes, and this guide will walk you through the process. You'll know more about using laptops together for a dual-screen effect, making the most of your workspace.

Can I Use a Second Laptop as a Dual Monitor?

Acknowledging the available ports on your laptops is crucial while improvising one machine as a secondary monitor. Different laptops have different types of ports: USB, VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort.

Ensure you select befitting connectors and adapters matched to the present ports. These components assist in creating a smooth connection, giving you the ease of utilising the second laptop as a capable monitor.

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Can You Connect 2 Laptops Together?

Connecting two laptops is feasible in various ways, with Wi-Fi sharing being a popular choice among Windows computers or Macs. Ethernet cables serve as a viable path for connecting different operating systems, such as Mac-to-Mac, Windows-to-Windows, or Mac-to-Windows.

Another alternative could be a USB-to-USB Data Transfer Cable, which requires your computers to have the necessary USB ports.

How Do I Split My Screen Between Two Laptops?

Splitting your screen between two laptops requires some technical skills. Once connected, you can shift windows, share files, and even control one laptop with the other's mouse and keyboard.

Some software solutions, like Microsoft's Mouse Without Borders or Symless's Synergy, exist specifically for this purpose. These tools effectively transform your two laptops into one dual-screen workstation.

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Can I Use My Second Laptop as a Monitor with HDMI?

Many laptops possess HDMI ports, making them easy to use as a secondary monitor. If your laptop lacks this port, seek out an HDMI adapter. After the connection of cables, switch your laptop's input source to the suitable setting. Post this; you can harness the privilege of a second monitor.

In steps

  • Check for an HDMI port on both laptops.
  • If lacking, purchase an HDMI adapter.
  • Connect the laptops using the HDMI cable.
  • Switch the input source to the related setting on the laptop being used as a monitor.


In conclusion, you can efficiently use two laptops as dual monitors. We have covered the essentials: understanding the available ports, establishing a connection, splitting screens, and using HDMI for setting up a dual monitor.

We hope this guide helps you optimize your workspace to improve productivity and multitasking. With a little effort, you can turn your two laptops into a more versatile work environment.

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