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  • Desky Cushioned Foot Rest
  • velvet touch cushioned foot rest
  • tilting cushioned foot rest
  • steel cushioned foot rest
  • cushion foot rest
  • adjustable foot rest
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  • Desky Cushioned Foot Rest
  • velvet touch cushioned foot rest
  • tilting cushioned foot rest
  • steel cushioned foot rest
  • cushion foot rest
  • adjustable foot rest

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Offrez-vous un espace de travail actif qui plaira à votre équipe avec Desky. Tout ce dont le bureau moderne a besoin pour bien fonctionner!

Desky Cushioned Foot Rest
Repose-pieds rembourré Desky
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Reduce Fatigue
Increase Comfort
$79.90 CAD

Stimulates bloodflow
Anti-skid avoid scratches
Tilting Platform optimum comfort
Soft-touch velvet finish

Rest Your Feet, Reduce Fatigue

Introducing Desky's Under Desk Cushioned Foot Rest: the perfect combination of ergonomics, comfort and functionality. Our footrest is designed to help sedentary office workers combat strain and fatigue with a tiltable function for stretching the legs. The no-skid base ensures both safety and floor protection, while the soft, removable covering adds an extra layer of comfort.

Designed with a sleek aesthetic, our Cushioned Foot Rest is a modern marvel crafted from durable materials that hold firm while providing maximum support. Its minimal profile blends in effortlessly with any office environment while still delivering superior quality - making it the right choice for maximum efficiency even during long hours of work.

So why not take the load off your feet? With Desky's Cushioned Foot Rest, you can add much-needed relief to your day-to-day routine without compromising on style or grace. So don't wait; let us give you the best tool to ensure long-term comfort and productivity! Quality adjustable footrests - That's Desky!

soft foot rest

Soothes And Relaxes

+20°/-20° Angle Incline

Easy Assembly

Soft Removable Cushion


Soothes And Relaxes The desk foot rest is perfect for anyone who wants to relax their feet and ankles. The cushioning and tilting platform provides optimum comfort, while the soft suede cover and anti-skid pads keep your feet safe and scratch-free.

Tilting Platform +20°/-20° For extra comfort, the platform of the footrest can be tilted to find the perfect angle for your feet.

Easy Assembly Setup is a breeze! You can have the footrest assembled in minutes using the included instructions.

Soft Removable Cushion Covering Keep your under desk footrest clean and fresh with the easy-to-remove suede cover. The internal foam is also soft and comfortable against your skin.

Angled For Perfect Ergonomics

The Desky Cushioned Footrest Tilting Platform gives you -20 or +20 degrees of movement, so you can find the perfect angle for your feet. This adjustable feature allows you to adjust and customize your comfort level, making it the ideal footrest for any workspace. Our adjustable knob ensures that the platform remains stable and secure at all angles - so you can concentrate on the task at hand without worrying about your feet slipping.

angled foot rest

foot rest

Removeable cushion

The Desky Cushioned Footrest is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The removable suede cover makes it easy to keep your footrest clean, while the soft internal foam provides a luxurious feel against your skin. The premium materials used in this footrest make it an ideal addition to any workspace, providing optimal support and comfort for long days at your desk.




Dimensions 441x327x158mm (17.3"x12.8"x6.2")
Weight Capacity 20kg
Material Steel, Plastic

Angle Incline +20°/-20°
Colour Black
Removable Cushion Yes, removable and washable cushion.