How do you hide your computer screen?

Are you looking to maintain privacy while working on your computer? You might need to keep sensitive information hidden or want to avoid distractions.

Whatever your reasons, we can guide you on how to effectively conceal your computer screen.

How do I make my computer screen not visible to others?

Maintaining the privacy of your screen requires a combination of physical arrangements and technology. First, position your monitor in such a way that it's less visible to passersby.

Next, invest in a privacy screen. These filters minimize viewing angles, ensuring the screen content is visible only to the person in front of the screen. Some advanced models protect your eyes from harmful blue light emissions, too.

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How do I stop people from seeing my screen?

Beyond physical adjustments and privacy screens, technological solutions can offer further protection. Take advantage of software like Hide Window Hotkey that allows you to quickly hide active windows.

Furthermore, consider using privacy-friendly web browsers or add-ons, like Tor or HTTPS Everywhere, which provide end-to-end encryption to protect your data.

How do I hide my computer screen fast?

Need to immediately hide your screen? Many operating systems offer hotkeys to quickly minimize or close your active windows.

For example, if you use Windows, pressing Windows key + D will bring you right to the desktop. Alternatively, customizing your own set of hotkeys can provide a speedy solution tailored to your needs.

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Command + H: Hides active application. Other apps remain visible.
  • Command + Option + H: Hides other applications' windows. Only the active application will be visible.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Windows Key + M: Minimize all windows.
  • Windows Key + D: Show or hide the desktop.

How do I hide my desktop computer?

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If you're looking to camouflage the physical computer itself, there are several ways to do this.

Concealing the computer within your room’s décor or placing it behind something larger, like your monitor, may help. Even enclosing it within a cabinet or desk drawer in a compact space can offer a level of visual discretion.


Hiding your computer screen takes a blend of physical adjustments, privacy tools, and savvy technology use. With the right strategies in place, you can enjoy a workspace that respects your privacy and keeps your information secure.

Remember, these tactics are not only for shielding your screen from prying eyes, but they also contribute towards maintaining digital security.

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