What can I put under my desk to make it higher?

If your workspace feels cramped or uncomfortable due to a low desk, worry not! There are numerous options you can resort to. Enhancing your desk height not only improves your comfort but also aids in maintaining proper posture and boosts productivity.

Desk Raisers: Quick and Affordable

Desk risers provide a swift and inexpensive solution to desk height adjustments. Rendering your workspace more ergonomic, these risers can be slid under the legs or corners of your desk, effortlessly adding a few extra inches to your setup. Offering a wide variety of sizes and shapes, desk raisers are easily available online.

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How to Choose the Right Desk Raiser?

It's pivotal to note that the desk riser you opt for aligns with the dimensions and weight of your desk. You should also consider factors such as the material of the riser and how well it matches with your desk design.

What to Do If My Desk Height Is Suboptimal?

If your desk is either too high or too low, there are effective solutions accessible. Should your desk be of considerable height, adjust your chair and make use of adjustable footrests to maintain comfort. In cases where the desk is too low, blocks or desk risers can serve to increase its height.

Methods to Increase Desk Height

Ways to increase the desk height for comfort

Your desk not being high enough could lead to discomfort or even health issues. Besides desk risers, a sit-to-stand desk converter can be employed as a suitable option.

This adjustable platform can become an integral part of your setup and be placed atop any desk. Adjusting this platform is a matter of ease, from a sitting height to a standing one.

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Why Prefer a Sit-to-stand Converter?

Unlike regular desk risers, a sit-to-stand converter offers adjustable heights, thus allowing comfortable posture irrespective of whether you are sitting or standing.

Height Adjustments for Study Tables

Raising your study table's height can be accomplished in a number of ways. This need usually arises due to comfort issues. Opting for extensions, lifts, or additional feet for your table legs could satisfy this purpose.

In the case of wooden tables, wooden extensions can be an ideal choice. An alternate, yet effective, measure can be a complete replacement of table legs to attain the right height.

Importance of Right Table Height

A suitable study table height ensures efficiency as well as the avoidance of unnecessary health risks, such as neck and back pains. Do not overlook this crucial aspect when planning your workspace.


To summarize, achieving an optimal desk height enhances workspace comfort and overall productivity. Finding the right solution, be it desk risers, adjustable footrests, or a sit-to-stand converter, is essential.

Considering factors like your desk's dimensions and weight and your preferred sitting posture could greatly assist in finding the right height adjustment solution for you. After all, ergonomics is all about comfort, health, and efficiency. Transform your workspace to be more ergonomic with Desky.

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