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Desky Keyboard Tray

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Desky Keyboard Tray
$58.41 CAD

Easy Installation quick to set up
Built-In cable management
Padded Clamps protects desktop

Declutter  your desktop

Desky Keyboard Tray

Free up desk space, optimise your position at your desk and keep your keyboard safe when out of use with the Desky Keyboard Tray. Designed to accommodate any size keyboard comfortably, our bespoke keyboard tray puts your keyboard right in your lap when seated, allowing the most comfortable wrist positioning and helping prevent RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.  


Reduce Wrist Strain

Adjustable Height for Better Ergonomics

Smooth sliding mechanism

High strength steel frame

Create more desk space!

Reduce wrist strain pick your perfect keyboard height to reduce wrist strain and the possibility of RSI

Easy height adjustment  allows you to lock in the perfect height

Locking handle allows you to easily secure, without the need for tools

Rubber pads on mounting clamp protect your desktop from damage

In-built cable management  keeps your cables out of the way and integrates with our other cable management systems

Protect Your Wrists

Finding the perfect position for your wrists when typing can actually prevent you from injury. Repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by poor positioning at your keyboard, but for many this can be helped by lowering the position of the keyboard - allowing you to type with your wrists straight and your keyboard level with your elbows.

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Make Easy Micro-Adjustments

Tiny adjustments can be dialled in easily with the Desky Keyboard Tray, allowing you to find not just a good position - you can find the perfect position, and lock it in easily with the easy-lock handle.

Maximise Your Working Space

A generous 27” platform not only gives you ample room for your keyboard - it frees up the space your keyboard would have occupied otherwise. That means even more free space (and even less clutter) on your desktop.

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Material Steel, Plastic, Particle Board
Surface Finish Powder Coating
Colour Matte Black
Dimensions 836 x 644 x 142-162mm

Weight Capacity 5kg
Keyboard Tray Size 670 x 240mm
Height Range 81mm
Track Travel 242mm
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