What is a grommet mount?

In the world of ergonomic office furniture, the method of installing accessories can significantly impact both aesthetics and functionality.

One frequently used technique is the grommet mount. Let's delve into understanding what it is and how it stands out.

Unravelling the Mystery: Clamp vs Grommet Installation

Imagine you've just purchased a slick, state-of-the-art monitor for your workspace. Now, how do you want it perched? You can either use a clamp that locks onto the outer fringes of your desk or install a grommet mount, which secures the monitor by anchoring through a hole in your workspace.

Both options have their merits, although the choice largely depends on the sturdiness and dimensions of the monitor.

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Decoding the Grommet Hole

Everyday objects can often have technical terms. You might have noticed a hole through the thin material of your desk—that's the grommet hole. Typically found in items made of fabric, composite, sheet metal, or even wood, these holes usually have a ring or edge strip called a grommet.

To maintain their placement, grommets often have flared or collared sides, usually made of metal, plastic or rubber.

The Role of Desk Grommets

More than just holes, desk grommets serve several purposes. With prime functionality being organization and safety, they prevent clusters of wires from tangling, subsequently reducing the risk associated with electrical hazards.

Additionally, grommets enhance the aesthetic appeal of your workspace by managing the chaotic wire situation.

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Mounting Monitors: Can Every Model Be Mounted?

While most may wonder if all monitors can be attached to an arm, the encouraging answer is, in most cases, yes. Most modern monitors come equipped with the standard VESA hole pattern, typically of size 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm, for easy attachment to a monitor arm.


In summary, grommet mounts serve as anchor points through holes in your workspace, providing a neat and secure attachment. Compared to clamps, they offer a more streamlined look, while preserving the functional integrity.

Desk grommets also keep workplace chaos at bay by managing loose wires and preventing tangling. With the majority of monitors compatible with mounting arms that attach via grommet holes, it's a breeze to elevate your ergonomic workspace game by using grommet mounts.

Remember, the health of your back and neck depends largely on how you configure your workspace. So choose wisely and, if in doubt, consult with an expert to achieve the best result.

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