How do you fix a stuck standing desk?

If you're standing before your desk, frustrated as you watch it refuse to respond to your command, know that you're not alone. Standing desks, while innovative and beneficial, can occasionally become unresponsive.

In such moments, a bit of troubleshooting can work wonders. Let's dive in and find ways to bring your desk back to life.

Solution for a Stuck Standing Desk

Your standing desk, much like any piece of technology, will occasionally have its quirks. When your standing desk becomes stuck, first perform a simple visual inspection.

Look for obstructions beneath and above the desk that might prevent its movement. Clear off your desk completely, and then try adjusting the height, resetting it to its lowest position before trying to elevate it once again. Also, confirm that all cable connections are intact.

Sometimes, slight misalignments or loose connections can be the root cause. If all else fails, refer to your product manual, as it might carry specific troubleshooting steps tailored for your model of desk.

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Unlocking a Locked Standing Desk

Some desks, especially Desky models, feature a lock or a safety feature restricting unwanted movement. Refer to your user manual to understand the unlock procedure specific to your model.

In general, pressing down on both up and down buttons simultaneously for a few seconds often works for the majority of models. Reference your standing desk manual or check the product's page on the Desky website for resetting procedures.

Manually Adjusting a Standing Desk

If you're unable to adjust your standing desk electrically, you might need to raise or lower it manually. Firmly grip both sides of the desk's top and gently apply upward or downward pressure.

Please remember, forcing the desk too aggressively may lead to damage. For specific under-desk hand crank models, follow the instructions outlined in your product's manual.

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Resetting Your Standing Desk Manually

Manually resetting your desk can often combat a refusal to move. Usually, this involves bringing your desk down to its lowest setting, leaving it turned off for a while, and then powering it back on.

If a reset function is featured, typically two buttons have to be held down simultaneously. Lastly, remember that resetting the desk might erase any preset buttons for height adjustments. Refer once again to your user manual or trusted guides for detailed steps.


Troubleshooting a non-responsive desk doesn't have to be a herculean task. Start by examining the desk for common issues such as obstructions or loose cable connections.

Unlocking the desk, adjusting it manually, and resetting it are all viable troubleshooting processes that can alleviate the problem at hand. Help is always readily available via user manuals or trusted websites like ours.

With these tips, getting your desk back to working condition will be as easy as pie. Life is too short for a stubborn standing desk, so make the most of these strategies and get back on your feet in no time.

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