About Us

At Desky we know from experience how sit-stand working, and a more active work life, can benefit your wellbeing and productivity. That’s why we’re committed to bringing you the best of the best when it comes to office and gaming desks, chairs and accessories. We exist to promote the benefits of active working and bring great products at great value to Canadians nationwide.

We believe in the revolutionary power of active working, to boost your productivity and your sense of wellbeing. And we also believe that you deserve to live free of pain and discomfort. For so many years we’ve dealt with the effects of our sedentary lifestyles. It should come as no surprise that the old-style office environment is bad for our health, though: we simply didn’t evolve to sit still all day. More and more of us are making the leap to a more active work life. But there is still work to be done.

When we realised how hard it can be to find the equipment we knew people needed, we decided to do something about it. Our team of furniture experts have sourced the best products and components available from near and far, and put together a range of desks, frames, chairs and accessories to enable you to build your dream office.

Adaptable Desks and Office Solutions

Here at Desky, we know that everyone’s different. What works for one person might not work for another. But whoever you are, whatever job you do, and whatever your work style, we know you’ll do your best when you’re active, comfortable and happy. That’s why it’s our mission to empower workers to find the best workstation for them.

Our range of standing desks has been curated to see that everyone is catered for. So we have solutions to suit the home worker through to larger offices. We have ensured the same strength, stability and commitment to quality ergonomic design throughout our range of desks and chairs. And our power solutions, monitor arms, and accessories allow you to completely reimagine your office and workstation.

We've even developed a handy desk height calculator that helps you setup your workspace to the most correct ergonomic positions for your height, for both sitting and standing.

Our recent acquisition of Height Adjustable Work Table has allowed us to innovate even quicker. The merger has helped us to revolutionise our product range and processes so we can provide a better, more ergonomic product to our customers! Combined with our presence in Australia with Desky Australia, and our expanding footprint in Asia, soon everyone will be benefiting from a Desky!

Stability, Flexibility and Usability

Using our network of international and local suppliers we have sourced the best components. All to create desks that offer market leading stability and usability to help boost your productivity. We’ve sourced the best and most stable frames available and matched them with stylish, hardwearing and durable desktops. We’ve found the best designed and most stylish ergonomic chairs, for your office and entertainment. And then we found the best monitor arms, laptop risers, anti fatigue mats and accessories to complete your set up.

We understand that you need products that are easy to use and assemble. So we’ve ensured it throughout our range. More importantly though, you need flexibility. The freedom to adjust and fine tune your position, your workstation and your workflow. That’s why we provide so much choice: in the settings on our products, and with the depth and breadth of our range.

For Work and Play

The same principles guide us when we design stand up desks, chairs and accessories for work as for play. Comfort, ergonomics and your wellbeing are always at the forefront. Long periods sitting, and/or in an unhealthy posture are universally bad. But the needs of gamers are not identical to those in the workplace. Which is why we have a full range of bespoke desks and chairs for gamers too.

Great Quality and Great Service

Our desks, chairs and accessories are not only designed with your body, wellbeing and productivity in mind. They are built from the best quality components and materials available. We pride ourselves on providing you with well designed, top quality and durable products. When you invest in a desk or chair you want to know you’re buying something quality, that will last you for years. We’re so confident in our quality that we’re offering 10 year warranties on some of our products. And we’ll also guarantee you great service, and some of the fastest deliver about.