Should you use a footrest at your desk?

Wondering whether to include a footrest in your office arsenal? Our clear-cut answer is yes, especially if maintaining a comfortable and efficient typing stance while keeping your feet flat on the floor becomes a challenge.

A suitable footrest can be a game-changer for those struggling with this issue. More significantly, it underscores the importance of a well-equipped ergonomic workspace for boosting productivity and well-being.

Identifying the Appropriate Footrest for Sitting Posture

Optimal sitting posture isn't only about an ergonomically designed chair and desk. Your feet also play a key role. It's essential to choose an office footrest that caters to your specific needs and provides good support.

Such a footrest should offer an angle adjustment between 30-45 degrees or adjust around 4-6” in height measured from the back and get narrower towards the front for relaxed foot placement.

Moreover, it should be sufficiently wide, roughly between 15" and 24", to accommodate the natural distance between your feet when you sit comfortably. Reading How should I be sitting at my desk? can offer you further insights.

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Exploring the Impact of Footrests on Back Health

Sitting for extended hours, especially in unsuitable chairs, can take a toll on your back. However, by incorporating a footrest into your workstation setup, you can alleviate some of these issues.

Footrests contribute to better back health by relieving pressure on your lower back and minimizing strain on your knees and ankles. Not only that, but footrests also facilitate improved circulation in your legs, warding off the discomfort and fatigue associated with prolonged sitting.

Furthermore, the stable surface of a footrest promotes proper posture and alignment, key elements of overall back wellness. Learn more from our guide: Your Guide to Achieving the Best Posture When Sitting at a Desk.

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Maintaining Foot Elevation at Your Desk

Keeping your feet elevated at your workstation requires a simple, robust solution: a quality footrest. Opting for a footrest allows you to maintain a comfortable and ergonomic working posture easily.

This foot placement, coupled with an ergonomic chair and desk, creates a balanced trifecta of workspace comfort and efficiency.


To sum things up, using a footrest at your work desk is more than a luxury; it's a necessity. Beyond keeping your feet comfortably flat on the ground, it plays an essential role in maintaining good posture and alleviating back, knee, and ankle strain.

Remember: when seeking to optimize your ergonomic office setup, never ignore the comfort of your feet. They might be the missing component that takes your working experience to a whole new level of comfort and productivity.

Here at Desky, we strive to equip you with quality ergonomic office furniture, and our footrests are no exception. Our Desky footrests are an excellent investment towards not only your comfort but also long-term health.

Remember, it's never too late to incorporate better ergonomics into your workspace! Let us help you take that step today.

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