Ideal home office ideas

Working from home is pretty much standard now for a lot of people, and whilst some have already been embracing this new way of life for years - how many of us can say we actually have a perfect office setup that’s conducive to producing a distraction-free day’s work?

If you’re someone who hotdesks at home (hello, working from the kitchen table whilst your other half is gaming in the living room…) or if you have a specific space set up to do your daily work, but it’s lacking…something… then we’ve hopefully got some help and advice for you. We’ve caught up with some interior experts who’ve given us hints and tips on home office ideas that will inspire productivity and make every working from home day a pleasure.

What Makes the Ideal Home Office?

Ideal home office ideas

Your ideal home office has to strike a delicate balance between being somewhere that’s distinctly different from the rest of your living space, but comfortable and still with a relaxed vibe.

You’ve obviously got to be able to work well in it, and you have to be productive - but it still needs to have elements of interior design that make it feel homely, whether that’s personal belongings like pictures and art, or plants and flowers that create a welcoming ambiance.

Think also about how to style a room for those all-important video calls, too. Clean, distraction-free walls are great but can also feel a little cold. But too much clutter can be overwhelming for you, and for the people you’re talking to.

There are lots of other considerations like:

  • Wall colors and interior schemes: Do you want neutral and calm, or something bold and energizing to help you focus and knuckle down? Plain walls, or patterned wallpaper and paint designs?
  • Flooring: Think about carpeting or rugs, or whether a finished wooden floor would be better. You’ll need something easy to keep clean and maintain and that’s hardwearing.
  • Desk, chair, and furniture combinations: An ergonomic workstation is a superb idea. Keeping you comfortable, and sitting in the right position while you work is super important - as is having the right kind of desk and space for your computer. Do you want to also consider having an easy chair or sofa in your space, to have regular breaks throughout the day?
  • Personal belongings: It’s nice to have some personal items with you - such as family photos, artwork, or mementos that remind you of good times in your life. Having these in your workspace helps remind you why you’re there, working hard and achieving.
  • Coffee/tea equipment: Whilst it’s always a good idea to get out of the office at certain points during the day - sometimes you might want to stay put, but make sure you’ve got hot drinks on tap. Thinking about a small coffee machine or something to make tea with is ideal. And handy too if you’re holding meetings at home but don’t want to disturb others.
  • Shelving and storage: What are your storage requirements? You’ll need to work out what space you need for office equipment and paperwork. Consider shelving for any books you might have or important items you must have to hand (all the essentials like chips, cookies and candy, etc).
  • Computer and other tech items: Your tech items are a huge investment and they’ll need to be factored in. Do you have a printer or telephone that needs to be accommodated?
  • Lock on the door: Lastly, and it may seem trivial - but it might be wise to get a lock on the door. At the end of the day, lock your work in one room and leave it there - but also to ensure everything stays safe and secure and that if you really can’t afford to be interrupted during your day, you’ve got the means to stay private!
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So let's hear from the experts now…

How Can You Make a Home Office an Inviting Place to Work?

“Whilst too much can cause your desk to look messy, a few choice items that truly inspire you are certainly a good thing. Postcards of places you love, a mood board, or carefully selected print and pattern to enliven your home office will help create a productive space. But be careful not to go overboard – too much clutter will only clutter your mind.” Sarah Barratt and Rachel Edwards writing for Country Living.

What Should Your Decor Considerations be?

“The first thing to keep in mind is that your office is essentially an extension of your home. If you want it to flow, then keep the style of the adjoining rooms in mind. My home has an organic modern design style, and so I continued that into my office. Start with a color palette that coordinates. I chose the colors in my tile, which coordinate with my wainscoting and wallpaper. From there, you can choose your decor accents.” Sarah Symonds Writer and Designer at Grace In My Space.

What if You Don’t Have a Dedicated Room to Turn Into an Office?

“Home office ideas aren't limited to a dedicated space. With a carefully considered layout, it’s possible to turn a guest room into a dual-purpose space that can accommodate overnight visitors and also work as an office, too. The key to this partnership and organizing a home office of any kind is built-in storage, which conceals clutter and work-related papers, keeping the room ordered.” Jennifer Ebert writing for Homes and Gardens.
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