Upgrade Your Productivity: Unveiling the New Desky Dual Bluetooth Controller

Desky brings a new level of sophistication to height adjustable desks with the latest Desky Dual Controller. Designed to pair with any Desky Dual or L-shaped desk, this controller brings unprecedented convenience and comfort right to your workspace, eliminating the need for additional drilling.

Clear OLED Display

The Desky Dual Controller features a large OLED display that ensures clear visibility even in brightly lit conditions. It precisely indicates the height of your Desky down to one-tenth of a centimeter. This state-of-the-art device can be programmed to display the height in either centimeters or inches, making it globally user-friendly.

The OLED display of the Desky Dual Controller showing the height measurement

Seamless Integration with Desky Mobile App

Desky App

Desky enhances the user experience by integrating the Dual Controller with a dedicated Desky mobile app via Bluetooth. You can wirelessly control and customize your desk settings from your smartphone or tablet, adjusting the height, setting presets, and accessing all the advanced features with a few taps on your device. The added voice control feature enables you to execute commands hands-free, delivering the ultimate convenience.

Memory Presets and Customizable Display

The Dual Controller includes four memory preset buttons that allow you to program your preferred desk heights for effortless transitions. The illuminated RGB OLED display can be customized with various colors, and there's even an option to cycle continuously through all the colors. To prevent distracting light, the display automatically turns off after 10 seconds of inactivity but can be programmed according to your preference.

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Collision Avoidance and Sedentary Reminder

The Desky Dual Controller includes a programming feature to set a minimum and maximum height limit, preventing any accidental collisions with other furniture. To support a healthy work routine, a sedentary reminder function encourages regular movement breaks by sounding an alarm after long periods of sitting.

usb-c fast chargereasy integrationsedentary remind to stand up

Child Lock and USB-C Fast Charging

A child lock feature ensures the safety of young ones by restricting height adjustments without holding down the menu button for several seconds. In addition, the controller includes an 18-watt USB-C fast charger on its side for quick and efficient charging of your compatible accessories.

Adjust Comfort with Convenience

A home office desk with the new desky dual controller

The Desky Dual Controller is the latest innovation in workspace management, allowing you to adjust your comfort level with unparalleled convenience. Its myriad features promote a more active, healthier lifestyle while boosting productivity.

Choose the Desky Dual Controller to transform your workspace into a hub of comfort and convenience.

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