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Welcome to my desk setup!

Ever since I've moved into my new studio space, I've always been on the hunt and very obsessed with hunting for that dream desk setup. Today I'll be reviewing the Desky Dual Hardwood Sit Stand Desk along with the Pro Plus Ergonomic Chair.

Take a look at my video review of the Desky Dual Standing Desk and Pro Plus Ergonomic Chair:

Since the beginning of this year, I've been on a hunt for a durable stand desk but I was on the fence about it. I didn't wanna spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a sit stand desk and not use it to its full capability. At first, I was skeptical on whether or not this would be a worthwhile investment and if I'd ever use the standing function.

A couple of months ago, Desky reached out and contacted me wondering if I would like to try out their sit stand desk along with their Pro Plus Ergonomic Chair. I couldn't help myself but to wonder what all this sit stand desk hype was about I accepted.

Full disclaimer: Desky did not pay me to make this video nor did they persuade my opinions in any sort of way. These are my honest thoughts and opinions to help you figure out whether or not a sit stand desk would be a perfect addition to your own workspace, as well as whether standing desks are better than sitting.

The Desky Dual Hardwood Sit Stand Desk

Desky Dual Hardwood Sit Stand Desk

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Size and Table Top Quality

One thing I was needing in a desk was enough length to fit my peripherals on. This desk is 1200 x 750 mm wide with a luxurious walnut table top sustainably sourced from Vietnam. 750 mm width is plenty of room to fit all my peripherals on without it feeling cluttered, and if you're like me, having a clear workspace results in having a clear mind.

As soon as I picked the table top up when I was assembling, I immediately knew this was a premium slab of timber. I opted for the walnut finish to match the aesthetics of the other elements fitted in my studio such as the shelves. One of the things I absolutely love about this desk is this stability when at max height. With my previous desk, when typing or writing in my journal, the whole desk would wobble and completely freak me out.

Weight Lifting Capacity

I was scared that those legs were gonna give in and completely collapse along with my PC components. This desk can hold a hefty 140 kilos...yes 140. That means...yes you could sleep on this desk if you really wanted to. 140 kilos is plenty of leeway to hold your PC, a monitor or two, your peripherals and everything in between. The reasoning for the hefty weight load is thanks to the dual motor lifting system in conjunction with the heavy-duty solid frame. The legs are robust and are designed to have 3 stages for the various adjustable heights, which leads me into my next favourite thing about this desk, the height range.

Desky sit stand desk weight lifting capacity being tested by Corey

Height Range

Being 6'3'' can be challenging at times when you're shopping for ergonomic equipment. The height range of the Desky can go from a minimum height of 23.62in to a max of 49.21in so there is plenty of adjustable heights that can accommodate various sitting positions. The adjustable heights are controlled from this responsive hand controller. On the controller, there are a total of 7 buttons with 4 being custom presets for your saved heights. This is great if you're sharing a desk with your partner or colleague. The left 2 buttons control the height along with an LCD screen showing you what the height is at currently. On the right side of the controller you will also find a USB port to charge your accessories. I use this port to charge my phone.

Cable Management System

Desky Cable Management

If you're like me, the cable management section is what I dreaded the most and is probably the least fun when building your desk setup, until now. Desky designed a cable management system that they call their cable and power channel. This channel completely changes the game when it comes to cable management. Here was my setup without this channel and the before...yeah...big difference!
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As a full time content creator, you could imagine that there'd be endless amount of cables taking over the desktop. So having a channel like this truly changes the game. Easy to install and extremely functional especially if you're constantly adding new tech to your setup.

Collision Detection

The Desky has a range of unique features which truly elevates it to make it a premium product. Having anti collision detection integrated is definitely one of the key features that I love and didn't know I needed until now. This protects your gear from colliding with objects such as your monitor, in my case hitting the shelves. Another thing I was surprised at when adjusting between the heights, is how silent the motors are - like extremely silent.

Collision detection feature

The Desky Pro Plus Ergonomic Chair

The other thing I did have to consider was my ergonomics and hunting for an ergonomic desk chair. Desky sent over their Pro Plus ergonomic chair for me to test and try out.
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As I've mentioned before, being 6'3", shopping for ergonomic equipment can be challenging. This chair has been phenomenal, helping boost productivity while also supporting my back and posture. This chair feels like it has unlimited functionalities that you can adjust to your personal preference and taste. Not only is this chair functional but the aesthetics look like this chair came straight out of Star Wars.

Desky definitely designed this chair with the consumer in mind. This chair comes with height adjustable arms, back and headrest, which allows you to make the chair your own. Oh and also this chair was built off of 100% recyclable materials, which means if you're environmentally conscious like I am, I'm already sold.

Desky Pro Plus Ergonomic Chair

So there's one main component of what makes my setup ergonomically friendly and my back is thanking me for it. If you've made it this far, thank you so much for watching. I hope this video has helped you make a decision on whether or not a sit stand desk is right for you.

Check out Corey Crawford’s Youtube Channel.

Corey's Walnut Hardwood Desk Dual Setup:

  • 1200 mm x 750 mm
  • Walnut finish table top - premium quality
  • 140 kilo max. weight lifting capacity
  • Min 60 kilo to max 125 kilo weight capacity
  • Cable management system
  • Anti Collision detection feature
  • Silent motor feature on height adjustments
  • Perfectly paired with Pro Plus Ergonomic Chair

Walnut is a traditional choice and is commonly used in boardroom or ceremonial furniture. So, if you want a more classic look, walnut's smooth, high gloss, warm brown, luxurious finish will do the trick. It's usually seen in conventional, darker interiors, but it also makes a great contrast to a modern workplace setup. Our solid hardwood desktops also come in Pheasantwood, White Oak, Red Oak, White Ash and Teak.

The Desky Dual Hardwood Sit Stand Desk is a must-buy investment because of the variety of hardwood desktops available. The Desky Pro Plus Ergonomic Chair has a slick black frame, charcoal mesh back, and a black powder-coated aluminium base. A sturdy headrest is also available in white to complete this easy ergonomic upgrade.

This combination makes the perfect work from home setup. Its quality and durability is also backed by a ten-year warranty, ensuring you years of comfortable and healthy sitting. Take a look at Desky’s full range of sit stand desks today.

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