How To Program Memory Presets On Your Desky Dual Stand Up Desk

Learning to program the control panel of your Desky Dual with preset heights? We’re here with this guide to help, with a few tips to make your Desky life simple. Whether you prefer to sit, stand or have your Desky set to maximum or minimum height, we recommend that you have that height that you regularly use preset to the control panel. This makes it quick and easy to reach that height with a single click of a button.

With 4 presets available, you’ll have instant access to a range of your favourite custom desk heights, not to mention the useful ability to set one of those presets to the highest height for those times you need to clean under your desk or reach some cables. 

View our video demonstration on how to program memory presets and preset heights on your Desky Dual:

How To Program Memory Preset Heights on the Desky Dual

  1. First and foremost, you need to ensure all the cables to the control box under the Desky Dual Electric Sit Stand Desk are firmly plugged in, including the power cable, both yellow LED cables, and the control panels.
  2. Then, check the power outlet at the wall to ensure it is securely in place and switched on.
  3. Next, make sure there are no obstacles under your Desky as we will be bringing it down to its lowest height.
  4. To set and install the height, press and hold the up or down arrow until you reach your desired height.
  5. Next, press the "M" button and an "S" will be displayed in the panel.
  6. Press any one of the four memory preset numbers to save the Desky's current height to that number.
  7. The display will show the "S" plus the number you have chosen and you will now be able to program the rest of the buttons for individual height depending on your workflow.

Pro Tip: Keep one of those buttons set to the highest height in order to quickly access under the Desky for cleaning or adjusting cables.

Now, that’s how you program the preset heights of your Desky Dual control panel. Want to explore more features - Learn how to lock the desky desk control panel or perhaps try performing a reset of your desk.

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The Desky Dual Standing Desk – Features and Specs

  • Height range of 23.62-49.21in
  • Weight capacity: up to 308.65lb
  • Height adjustment movement of 36mm/second
  • Dual motor lifting system
  • 10-year warranty on parts
  • Anti-collision system
  • Noise reduction at 40db in motion for quiet lifting
  • Features stability and strength in our heavy-duty desk frame
  • 3 stage telescopic legs
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In the market for a durable, hard-wearing electric sit stand desk with a 10 year warranty? The Desky Dual is sure to meet your criteria and office needs. With the memory preset function allowing you the ability to adjust to custom preset heights at the touch of a button, the Desky Dual Electric Standing Desk is a great option for those looking to move from sitting to standing and back again.

Fans of the Desky Dual also enjoy the infinite options for customisation of desk surface type, desk shape and colour – there's no reason why the Dual won’t blend seamlessly with your office decor. Not just sleek on the outside, the Desky Dual also boasts weight-bearing capacities of up to 308.65lb while switching from height to height at swift speeds of 36mm/second. You’ll ultimately benefit from effortlessly incorporating more activity into your office workday with periods of standing, without sacrificing on productivity and your office hours.

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While the Desky Dual costs more than the Desky Air Lift Zero, our manual standing desk option, we think that the ease of adjustability more than makes up for the extra spend. If you use your desk for many hours daily and plan to switch from sitting to standing, the Desky Dual stand up workstations is worth considering.

Still need help deciding? See our handy Desky Buying Guide for more help and comparisons.

The Desky Dual is perfect for you if:

  • You have a lot of equipment and your desk needs to bear heavy loads
  • Fast speeds and easy height adjustments with memory presets are important to you
  • Ability to customise your desk is a significant factor in your decision
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You can see the full range of Desky desks Canada loves - take a closer look and we’re sure to help find the perfect sit stand desk for you.

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