What is a decent price for a desk?

When purchasing a desk, the price range can be vast. It largely hinges on factors such as aesthetic appeal, material quality, and the functionality it offers. We've provided some comprehensive insights on what you should expect to pay.

What is a reasonable price for a desk?

Let's narrow in on standard desks sold at large retailers, such as Target. Prices tend to fluctuate anywhere between $120 and approximately $400. Expectedly, layouts providing more workspace will have higher price tags.

In most cases, greater investment equates to more extensive workspace, which is worth considering if your setup includes a sizable computer.

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How much does a built-in desk cost?

Custom-built desks can oftentimes carry hefty price tags. Typically, these projects run from $500 to around $1000 for each linear foot. Cost determinants include the material used, the level of intricate molding, and the size of the project.

For a truly bespoke workspace, these expenses are something to account for in your budget.

How do I choose a good desk?

  1. Consider your space: Measure your area to ensure the desk can comfortably fit.
  2. Evaluate your needs. You'd need a substantial desk for multiple monitors as opposed to a simple laptop setup. .
  3. Review the design. Make certain it complements your room decor.
  4. Check for quality: Confirm the desk is made of durable material that would withstand prolonged use.
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How much should a desk hold?

The question of weight capacity may be a familiar one. Traditional, stationary desks are often constructed to support more than 150 lbs. But the exact weight is contingent on the items you place atop them.

A sizable laptop barely tips the scale at 6 lbs, while a notebook may weigh as little as 2 lbs. Add a keyboard, mouse, monitor, or riser, and you're looking at roughly another 5 lbs. Therefore, careful thought should be given to your setup when considering weight capacity.


In conclusion, desk prices can vary widely. It all depends on your personal needs, aesthetic preferences, and budget. Invest time in understanding exactly what your requirement is, and then make a choice that blends function, style, and affordability.

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