How can I use an external monitor with my laptop closed?

Are you wondering if it's possible to use your laptop with an external monitor even when the laptop is closed? Yes, you absolutely can.

This guide from Desky, your ergonomic office furniture specialist, will provide step-by-step instructions to arrange your laptop and monitor to make the transition effortless for you.

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Can I close my laptop and still use external monitor?

Your laptop and the external monitor can work in harmony even with the laptop lid closed, but only if specific conditions are fulfilled. Modern laptops are equipped with functionalities to handle such tasks without any disruption to the workflow.

A crucial step in this process is to modify your laptop settings to accept the command of 'do nothing' when you close the lid. Once this is done, your external monitor will seamlessly continue to function even when the laptop lid is closed.

How do I turn off my laptop screen and only use an external monitor?

Enabling your external monitor to be your primary display while your laptop screen is turned off is a straightforward task. You first have to ensure your external monitor is connected to the laptop.

Afterwards, you should navigate to the 'display settings' on your laptop. Here, you can select the option that allows the external monitor to be the primary display. This way, your laptop screen will be turned off and you can use the external monitor exclusively.

How do I use my laptop with the lid closed?

Working with your laptop lid closed becomes feasible when you adjust your power options. These settings permit your laptop to remain operational despite the closed lid, thus allowing an external monitor to project your tasks.

Remember to update your settings correctly; your laptop should be set to 'do nothing' when the lid is closed. This will ensure that your device continues to function as per regular use without being interrupted by the lid's closure.

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How do I use my laptop as a monitor while closed Windows 11?

When using Windows 10 or Windows 11, it's a simple process to set up your laptop to remain operative, even with the lid closed. To achieve this, you need to navigate through the control panel. Easiest technique to accomplish this is by opening the start menu and typing "lid" in the search bar.

This will lead you to an option titled 'Choose what closing the lid does'. Select this option and you will be directed to a new menu in the power options settings. From here on, much like other operating systems, you need to instruct the laptop to 'do nothing' when the lid is closed. This sets up your laptop to work smoothly with the external monitor.


Transforming the way one navigates through our digital tasks can improve productivity, and using your laptop with an external monitor while the lid is closed is one such option.

Although the step-by-step orientation differs slightly based on the operating system, the premise remains similar. It requires users to direct their laptops to remain functional when the lid is closed.

At Desky, we understand the importance of adaptability and aim to help our clients best adapt to their ergonomic needs. Following our guide would empower you to get the most out of your workstation setup.

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