How do you hide the cords on a floating desk?

In a world where uninterrupted work spaces are essential, one would definitely want to conquer the chaos of tangled cables on your floating desk.

For those who are seeking an appealing workspace with a clean, streamlined look, cord management becomes an important aspect. Here we address the common query: How do you hide the cords on a floating desk?

How do you manage cables on a wall mounted desk?

Wall-mounted desks offer a stylish solution for small spaces, but cords and cables can often muddle the aesthetic. Achieving a clean look involves keeping cords hidden along the rear.

Shimmy the wire across the floor starting from the wall, steering it towards your desk. Once you reach the leg of your desk, inch the cord up, making sure it remains hidden at the back. This way, the desk appears neat from the front without any visible wiring.

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How can I hide my power cords on my desk?

Desk drawers serve multiple purposes, one of them being an excellent hiding spot for those annoying power cords. Many desks come with a small opening or gap at the rear of the drawer, making it an ideal path for the wires.

If not, don't hesitate to create a small hole. Once this is done, guiding the power cords through will keep them out of sight.

How do you hide wires on a standing desk?

Shifting to a standing desk doesn't necessarily mean keeping a messy workspace with wires running riot. Cord management can be achieved using some simple tools and ideas.

Using desk-bottom wire managers can help to gather stray wires in one place, keeping the desk space above clear. Cable spine is another handy device that carries cords from the floor to the tabletop, hiding the wires in the process.

For a more comprehensive guide, refer to our article, How To Hide Cords On A Standing Desk?

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How do you hide cords with a floating TV stand?

Does the sight of dangling wires ruin the artistic look that your floating TV stand adds to your wall? We have a simple solution for that.

An algorithm of clips, zip ties, adhesive hooks, and coiled sleeves can be used to fasten the cables into a neat, slim enclosure. These can be fixed either behind the TV or on the backside of the stand, ensuring that the wiring doesn't steal the show but the TV does.


To sum up, cord management is a vital step in achieving a clean, visually appealing workspace. Whether it's a wall-mounted desk, a desk with drawers, a standing desk, or even a floating TV stand, there are numerous ways to keep those dreadful wires out of sight.

Not only does it enhance the aesthetics, but it also boosts productivity by reducing clutter. Invest a little time and effort, and let your workspace breathe! Remember, a clear desk is a clear mind.

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