How do I arrange my office with a standing desk?

Intriguingly, one of the most significant enhancements to your office layout could be the integration of a standing desk. But how do you arrange your office with such a vital piece of ergonomic furniture?

Today, we uncover the secret to doing just that, breaking it down into simple, digestible sections.

Designing an Office with a Standing Desk

When it comes to integrating a standing desk into your office, the first step involves the mighty task of choosing. Seek a desk that speaks of ample space on the surface. Simultaneously, an optimal setup would be to ensure your laptop is at an elevation where your gaze isn't cast downward.

In cases where you utilize a screen and docking station, the same criterion applies. You might also want to consider using a dedicated keyboard and mouse to foster better workspace ergonomics. This approach not only enhances your posture but also significantly boosts productivity.

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Setting up a Standing Desk in the Office

Successfully erecting a standing desk probably isn't as daunting as it first seems. What we need here is a focus on the layout. Does your desk orientation provide ease of access?

Is it close to natural light sources? Such small yet potent decisions significantly impact the overall functionality of your desk. Remember, the goal is to create an environment that promotes productivity and comfortable work patterns.

If you need help setting up your desk, check out our informative Home Office Set Up Guide here.

Organizing Your Stand Up Desk

Successful organization of your stand-up desk is dependent on a structure where every component has its own dedicated space. Ease of access and intuitiveness are key factors to note here.

Paperwork, stationery, and electronics should all be easily reachable, with the most frequently used items placed in the most accessible locations. Don't forget to keep the sightlines on your computer screen clear. Clutter serves to distract, and that is certainly something we should avoid.

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Correct Standing Desk Setup

Establishing the correct setup with your stand-up desk is imperative. Position the platform height at approximately your standing elbow position, equivalent to the usual positioning when sitting.

Align your keyboard and mouse in a layout identical to when you are seated. The monitor height should fall within a range of horizontal, veering to around 35 degrees below to ensure optimal screen viewing.


In conclusion, arranging your office with a standing desk doesn't need to be an overwhelmingly complex task. Start with a suitable desk selection, focusing on ample surface space.

Ensure the laptop or screen positioning promotes upright viewing with a separate keyboard and mouse for ergonomics. Arrange your desk for functionality, ease of access, and comfort.

Most importantly, don't forget the correct setup for your standing desk, keeping all elements in close alignment with your physical needs. Remember, a well-designed workspace does far more than just look good—it increases productivity, decreases strain, and ultimately improves overall health.

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