standing desks vs standing desk converters

The choice between a standing desk and a standing desk converter often depends on what you are looking to gain from using the product. If you're only looking for an easy way to transition between sitting and standing while working at your computer, then a standing desk converter may be worth considering.

Suppose you want all of the benefits associated with increased activity throughout the day, as well as increased mobility and the ability to make work-related decisions on your feet. In that case, a stand-alone standing desk may be the wiser choice.

What Is a Standing Desk?

A stand up desk is an adjustable workspace that allows you to easily switch between sitting and working in a standing position. It is a raised surface, generally composed of a durable material such as wood or metal. The top sometimes includes ergonomic features like soft anti-fatigue mats, a keyboard platform, and a monitor arm.

A standing desk isn't a single piece of equipment but an entire workspace designed for sitting and standing throughout the day. Standing desks usually have a unique shape to accommodate this feature.

Some standing desks are single-tier, meaning the working surface is one flat surface. Others include extra work surfaces like drawers, shelves, or cabinets for storage.

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What Is A Standing Desk Converter?

A standing desk converter is an item that allows you to transform your current desk into a standing desk. This is an excellent option if you don't have ample space or have a tight budget for a standing desk.

A standing desk converter (also known as a sit-stand desk converter) can be placed on top of any existing table or desk and provide a comfortable work surface adjusted to different heights throughout the day.

Standing desk converters are usually pretty small, roughly the size of an average laptop or printer. They range in height from around 15" up to 24", depending on the model of converter you purchase. The most noticeable feature is its broad base for stability and weight distribution.


The Desky Zero Sit Stand Desk Converter comes assembled and ready to go. An internal gas spring makes adjusting height simple, and this converter costs less than a traditional standing desk.
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Do Standing Desks Make Any Difference?

Yes, standing desks make a difference when it comes to productivity and health. There are many health benefits tied to having a standing desk. Research has shown that sitting for long periods every day at your existing desk is dangerous, even if you exercise regularly or get up to take breaks.

Some people deal with health issues that make it hard to work at a sitting desk. Standing desks can help these individuals ease back pain and other symptoms caused by improper posture.

Employees who use an excellent standing desk see increased energy levels and better mood. A standing desk reduces the risk of heart attack and diabetes.

Standing desks help with muscle and joint movement, and you don't have to fear for your back as much. Sitting all day long is detrimental to your health. A standing desk helps prevent weight gain.

Is a Standing Desk Converter Worth It?

Standing desk converters are more affordable and take up less space than traditional standing desks, so they're an alternative for those on a budget who may not need a permanent standing desk.

You may also be reluctant to invest in a standing desk without knowing if you'll love standing while at work. A standing desk converter can be a great way to try out standing at an affordable price, especially if you don't plan to stand often. If you're going to use your standing desk converter only once in a while, it can be folded and will take up minimal space when it's not in use.

Because a standing desk converter can be removed from your current desk, it's convenient for times when you need more space. If you plan to use your standing desk converter every day, it's best to look for a lightweight and portable model.

Some models are designed to remain on your desk and may be heavier, so moving around isn't very convenient. If you need more portability, consider a lighter model when making your choice.

The best standing desk converters are durable yet portable, so they are easy to relocate anywhere in your office.

Standing desk converters are a great value, but a standing desk can be a great investment. When it comes to getting more activity into your workday, don't underestimate the ability to switch regularly from sitting to standing at the press of a button with a standing desk, while you'll need to unfold and set up a standing desk converter every time you decide to switch to standing.

Standing Desks or Standing Desk Converter? How To Choose?

Treadmill Standing Desk

There are multiple issues to consider when examining standing desks vs standing desk converters:

  • How much space do you have in your home office setup?

  • How much time do you spend sitting per day, and how much time do you plan to stand?

  • What kind of activities will occur at your desk (typing, reading, eating)?

  • What task(s) do you need to accomplish at your standing desk?

  • Do you experience pain or discomfort? If so, what kind of aches and pains do you have?

  • Do aches go away when you stand up to work? Do they worsen when you stand for long periods?

  • How often will you be using the standing desk? Will it need to be mobile?

  • What will your budget for this purchase be? How much money do you want to spend on this project?

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    With regards to the number of features, standing desk converters are less versatile than full-size standing desks. Simply put, they offer fewer options for customisation. If you need a device with adjustability, you should choose a permanent standing desk instead.

    There are many benefits of using standing desks. Some people deal with health issues that make sitting at their existing desk painful, so standing desks can help these individuals ease back pain and other symptoms caused by improper posture.

    If you don't plan on standing often, are on a budget or are simply looking to try out standing at an affordable price, then a standing desk converter might be better for you. Chances are, it will be cheaper too. For those who travel for work often but would still like to stand at times, a standing desk converter takes up less space, is easier to transport, and can be taken with you to different locations.

    Another great thing about a standing desk converter is that you can still use your pre-existing desk – it just sits on top of it. You don't have to change your desk completely – you can keep working as usual and change how you work by setting up and removing the converter as needed.

    In terms of health benefits, the evidence suggests that working at a standing desk or standing desk converter with periods of standing can help you burn more calories and reduce your risk for obesity.


    If you're looking to buy a new desk, your budget is likely to be one of the most critical factors in your decision. There are various standing desks on the market, with prices ranging from around four hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

    If you're on a tight budget, several affordable options are available, including laptop stands, standing desk converters, and manual height-adjustable desks.

    If you have a larger budget, you could invest in a permanent standing desk. If cost is a concern, consider getting a converter instead. If you have more to spend, you can buy an electric height-adjustable desk. You can customize this desk to fit your specific needs. These desks are more expensive, but they offer a lot of flexibility and work for sitting and standing positions.

    Space Available

    Space is an important consideration. First consider your space limitations before you invest in a standing desk.

    A monitor arm increases the amount of usable desk space. It's important to adjust the height of your desk and the height of your computer monitor independently. You will otherwise hunch forward while working.

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    A standing desk converter can be pretty small, and you can place items under the converter if you need more space. If you prefer to have all your work essentials on a single surface, a standing desk might be the best choice.

    Our standing desk range comes in various sizes to suit your work environment. First decide how much space you need, then select from our range of desk sizes and types.


    Ergonomics is so important when it comes to sitting or standing at our desks. The ultimate goal is always to reduce the risk of injury and increase comfort while sitting or standing for long periods at our desks.

    Your health is essential, so you need to choose the best ergonomic office setup. Your wrist should be able to rest at a neutral angle while you work, and you want to avoid placing your keyboard at the edge of your desk or table.

    Ergonomic Standing Desk

    The correct screen height is critical when it comes to ergonomics. For your eyes to be in line with a screen placed directly in front of them, it is best to place the monitor level with the height of your elbows. To do this comfortably, you will need a screen that can move vertically.

    While a standing desk involves a different kind of sitting-to-standing work day in comparison with what many people are familiar with, standing desks are far more ergonomic for many people than a traditional desk. Since people's needs vary, you should carefully evaluate your current workspace needs and ensure that your desk can be ergonomically adjusted to suit your sitting and standing heights.

    Standing desks are very popular these days, and for a good reason: they offer a variety of health benefits over sitting at a traditional desk all day. If you're thinking of making the switch to a standing desk, weigh these factors while determining if it's worth investing in a full-size standing desk or if a standing desk converter will do the trick.

    Desky offers a variety of electric office desks in different colours and styles, with multiple sizes available to suit any office. Get your new standing desk or converter today!

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