What is the proper setup for a standing desk?

As an expert from Desky, a premier ergonomic office furniture brand, our focus is on providing you with complete guidance on how to create an optimal standing desk setup.

What is the correct standing desk setup?

Creating a proper setup for your standing desk begins with positioning the platform where your computer rests so it aligns with your elbow when standing, much like when you sit.

Keep your forearms parallel to the work surface while typing, and position your monitor at eye level, angled between horizontal and 20 degrees below, for comfortable viewing. These specific details correlate strongly with optimal ergonomic practices for standing desk usage which ensure better posture and reduced bodily strain.

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What is the correct position for a standing desk?

Ergonomics and posture are crucial elements of a standing desk setup. This involves maintaining an upright neck, relaxed shoulders, and knees that aren't rigidly locked yet firm.

Your computer screen needs to be maintained at eye level while you are positioning your wrists straight and aligning with the desk surface, promotes healthy physical alignment.

These tactics effectively prevent unnecessary muscular stress and promote a more comfortable workspace, as noted by The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors.

What is the best setting for a standing desk?

To optimize your standing desk settings, set your desk height in a way that allows your elbows to rest at a 90-110 degree angle.

This setup ensures your forearms are supported by the desk surface itself when standing or by the armrests of your office chair when seated.

Maintaining this specific posture can improve productivity, comfort, and reduce the likelihood of workplace-related injuries. For a more complete range of suggested heights, check out our ergonomic height calculator.

How do you arrange a standing desk?

Arranging your standing desk effectively involves the correct desk height and computer screen position - both critical in improving comfort and minimizing injury risk.

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Starting off, your standing desk should be positioned approximately at elbow height, allowing your arms to be bent at a 90-110 degree angle from the floor.

Additional tips for an effective setup:

  • Arrange your monitor far enough to read all text without straining your eyes.
  • Avoid any glare on the screen, which may cause unnecessary eye strain.
  • Place the mouse and keyboard close enough to prevent overreaching that could strain your shoulder and arm muscles.
  • Make use of an anti-fatigue mat to stand on for additional comfort.

These tips contribute to creating a comfortable, efficient workspace that maximises productivity without compromising on health and wellbeing. It's all part of the numerous benefits of using a standing desk from Desky, helping you stay fit, active, and comfortable at work.

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