Should I use a balance board for standing desk?

Discover how adding a balance board to your Height Adjustable Standing Desks workspace elevates the health perks and ergonomic comfort associated with maintaining an upright position for extended periods.

Is a balance board beneficial for a standing desk?

Pairing your standing desk with a balance board amps up the health advantages.

Regular usage of a balance board prompts muscle contractions that stimulate blood circulation, delivering a whole-body workout and boosting cardiac function. In essence, engaging a balance board augments the cardio benefits inherent to standing desks.

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What potential downsides does a balance board have?

Practicing balance on a wobble board isn't trouble-free for everyone. Those experiencing challenges with balance or having issues with their knees, hips, or ankles might grapple with stability, encountering potential safety hazards, including an enhanced chance of stumbling.

It's crucial to gauge personal fitness and balance capabilities before incorporating a balance board into your workspace.

How many calories can a balance board help you burn at a standing desk?

Standing desks are not just about correcting posture; they could contribute to your fitness goals too. Employing a balance board while standing can aid in calorie-burning endeavours, potentially incinerating nearly 100 calories each hour.

Is it worth investing in a standing desk mat?

Placing desk mats and pads under your feet at your standing desk is an investment well worth considering. This seemingly minor addition can significantly influence your overall wellbeing and productivity levels.

Enhanced comfort leads to prolonged periods of focus, redirecting attention from bodily discomfort to the tasks at hand.

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A balance board, when coupled with a standing desk, promotes cardiovascular health and burns calories. Despite potential shortcomings for those with balance issues or joint concerns, its benefits generally outweigh these drawbacks.

Consider optimizing comfort and focusing further by complementing your standing desk with a Desky Anti Fatigue Mat. All these components together can transform your workspace into a haven of health and productivity.

Remember, before implementing any major changes to your workspace or work routine, it would be wise to consult with professionals in the field, such as trusted occupational therapists or ergonomists.

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