How do I set up an office in a small bedroom?

Striking the right balance between office productivity and home comfort can seem challenging, especially when dealing with a small bedroom. However, with strategic planning, you can create an optimized workspace without compromising on aesthetics or comfort.

Creating Office Space Within a Small Room

Innovative use of seldom-utilized spaces, like closets, can drastically transform small bedrooms into ergonomic offices. The simple removal of the closet door provides the perfect area for setting up your workstation.

It’s a nifty idea to enhance this transformation by adorning your new office area with bright, motivational colors, giving it a distinct flavour from the rest of the room.

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Setting Up a Home Office in a Spare Bedroom

Establishing a home office in a spare bedroom encompasses strategizing the room layout and picking the right furniture. Ergonomics becomes crucial, given the long hours of continual usage.

Desky's height-adjustable standing desks serve as an excellent choice for such setups. They allow positional versatility, contribute to better posture, and promote overall well-being.

Blending Office and Bedroom in Harmony

Combining a bedroom with an office requires tactical delineation of spaces for work and rest. Choose furniture that doubles up for storage and workplace efficiency. A wall-mounted fold-away desk or a budget-friendly lap desk facilitates workspace setup without overtaking your relaxation space.

Zoning a Bedroom Office

To zone a bedroom office effectively, establish physical or visual boundaries. Apart from using color coding or different wallpapers to segregate spaces, consider strategic furniture placement. Facing the desk away from the bed can help maintain a psychological separation between work and rest areas.

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Functional Zoning Tips


Utilizing small spaces doesn't need to compromise on productivity or comfort. The goal is to create a conducive setup that encourages efficiency while maintaining the tranquillity of your resting spaces.

With a little creativity, you can make any corner of your house your productive space! Implement these tips and watch your small bedroom transform into an ergonomically designed office that not only saves space but also enhances overall productivity.

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