How do I remember to use a standing desk?

Adapting new work habits can often present a challenge, particularly when exploring an alternative like a standing desk. Many office workers wonder, "How do I remember to use a standing desk?". Fear not! Our guide below will provide helpful strategies to ensure you make the most of your ergonomic workstation.

Training Ourselves for Standing Desk Use

To transition smoothly into using a standing desk, cultivating discipline and patience are paramount. A good rule of thumb? Start small. Dedicate a small portion of your workday, perhaps 20 minutes every two hours, to standing.

You can gradually increase this duration, ensuring that your body eases into the new routine without discomfort. For motivation, consider making standing a game or challenge that makes the process more enjoyable.

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Getting Acquainted with Standing Desks

Acclimating to a standing desk involves more than just standing. It's about learning to maintain the right posture, manage fatigue, and balance work sessions. Begin by challenging yourself to stand for 10 minutes at the turn of each hour.

This gradual approach will help your body adjust to the new position while enabling you to hone in on proper posture and fatigue management techniques, which are critical.

Utilizing Standing Desk Memory

While standing desks have no actual "memory," we can hack our own memory to maintain consistent usage. Regularly scheduled breaks, timers, or reminder apps can prove useful. They keep you mindful of when to switch between sitting and standing, reinforcing the adoption of this new work habit.

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Best Practices for Using a Standing Desk

To optimize your standing desk usage, heed the following guidelines:

  • Keep your screen at eye level to avoid neck strain.
  • Maintain straight wrists parallel to the desk.
  • Stand for no more than 60 consecutive minutes
  • Take a break to sit every 30 minutes.

These guidelines ensure ergonomic usage of standing desks, leading to heightened productivity and minimal discomfort.


Remembering to use a standing desk can be approached scientifically through smart goal setting, gradual acclimation, memory tricks, and proper ergonomic practices.

By adopting these strategies, embracing the standing desk becomes not just an ergonomic upgrade but a significant step toward enhanced health and productivity in your professional life.

Transitioning to a standing desk is less of a challenge and more of a journey. With patience, consistency, and a little strategy, it won't be long before you wonder how you ever functioned without raising your productivity to new heights.

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