Can you put a desk in living room?
Introducing a work desk into your living room may not only optimize your workspace but also enrich the overall aesthetic of your living area. Let’s delve into the different possibilities.

Is It Okay to Have a Desk in the Living Room?

Finding a room exclusively for work matters can be a luxury in today’s compact living spaces. Positioning a slim desk behind your couch can be an ingenious solution.

By adding an area rug below and a table lamp beside it, it creates a separate nook that blends seamlessly with the rest of the room — a fully functional work corner in a relaxed setting. Hence, never hesitate in layering your furniture to find the perfect fit.

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Where is the Best Place to Position a Desk in the Living Room?

Transform an underutilized corner into your personal office. You can arrange a Corner Standing Desk, ready to be transformed into a workspace whenever the need arises.

To cut distractions, avoid facing your desk towards the Television; instead, quest for a serene focus point such as a wall or a window. The key lies in maintaining a clutter-free and organized area, fostering productivity and peace.

How can I Conceal a Desk in the Living Room?

Strategically positioning a couch, a tall plant, or a bookshelf around the work station can act as makeshift walls, concealing pending tasks or work chaos from the rest.

These movable barriers create both physical and visual partition, fostering work-home balance. One advantage of these ‘walls’ is that you can rearrange or relocate them anytime as per your preference.

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Where Should I Place My Desk If Space is Tight?

Squeezed for space? Opt for multi-functional furniture pieces that also doubles up as a coffee table. Not only it serves as a workspace but also keeps the living room clutter-free.

Moreover, retractable desks are a great option where space is at a premium. When not working, you can fold it and enjoy added space. Consider mounting your desk to the wall, allowing you to fold it away when it's not required.


Infusing a desk in your living room is not only possible but also ingenious. It merges work and relaxation, without having to compromise on aesthetics. Remember, homely comfort can coexist with professional productivity effectively, only if you balance them well.

Explore Desky's range of ergonomic furniture to find your perfect desk solution today. Achieving a Zen living room workspace is all about optimizing spaces and minimizing clutter. Happy arranging!

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