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Desky Ultra Slim Under Desk Drawer

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Desky Ultra Slim Under Desk Drawer

Declutteryour desktop
Dual Storage multi leveled
Easy Installation quick to set up
One Size Fits Allfix to any desk

Desky Ultra Slim Under Desk Drawer

Short on space, or just tired of rooting around on your desk for that lost phone or file? Our Ultra Slim Drawer provides a place to store your papers, accessories and devices without eating into your leg room.  

Fitting easily to the underside of any desk, it’s ideal for standing desk users - guaranteeing you easy access in either position. Solid steel runners and clever design make this a super discreet (and deceptively spacious) addition to your desk. Remove the need for bulky external storage by keeping everything you need right under your desk, and always easily to hand!

under desk drawer

10 Year Warranty on all parts

Keep your items secure

Smooth sliding mechanism

High strength steel frame

Make more desk space!

Gap or No Gap Optionsallow you to select additional book storage above the drawer.

Black or White Powdercoat finish: for ultimate durability and to suit any office.

Solid Steel Runnersfor strength, durability, and stability in movement.

Deceptively Spaciousto hold your tablet, phone, and accessories.

Save Desk Space And Leg Room

Often find yourself short on desk space or surrounded by clutter? Additional storage can make a huge difference to both the look and the feel of your workspace, but can easily cut into your leg room. Our Ultra Slim Drawer is as unobtrusive as it gets, taking up a tiny unused area under your desk, without affecting your leg room at all.

under desk drawer

front view under desk drawer

Declutter For Professional Flow

Achieve a sense of minimalism and project a serious, professional image by keeping your personal effects, work files and accessories tucked neatly under your desk. A neat, tidy and ordered work space will increase your sense of focus and well being during the day, helping you work to your best - and letting your colleagues know you’ve got everything under control.



Material Steel
Surface Finish Powder Coating
Colour Black Or White
Dimensions 10.7"-18.5" x 16.1" x 50.8" (272-470 x 410 x 50.8mm )

Weight Capacity 5kg
Track Tavel 170mm (6.7")
Suggested Desktop Thickness 18mm and above (not compatible with Ergo Edge Desktop)
Storage Items Laptop, tablet, mobile phone, stationery
Compatibility Not compatible with: Dual Mini, and Dual Ergo desktops. Also note this drawer will fit a 47" / 1200mm size desktop but reduces leg room.

under desk drawer diagram