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Desky EzyClip Power Board

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Desky EzyClip Power Board

3 x Outlets 1 x USB-A
1 x USB-C
Smart Charge integration
Connects To multiple stations
US & CAUL Certified

In-Built to Clean Up your Electrical Requirements 

The EzyClip Power Board is designed to be compatible with all our other electrical products. That means this fits seamlessly and easily into our Integrated Cable Management Channel. It is also sized to fit standard size desk cut outs.  The power strip has 3 UL certified power ports, 1 USB-A port and 1 USB-C rated to 15 amps.

Desky's on desk on below desk power is soft-wired, allowing for quick and easy changes. The J Coupler allows you to easily link 2-3 power accessories together using the connecting junction. When purchasing one of these units choose the power cable option, if purchasing 2 or more we will provide both the power cable and the connecting junction allowing you to link all of the units together.

Power 3 items and 2 USB accessories, multi power functionality.

Or provide up to 9 power points using the connecting junction.

Maintain a clean and clutter free tabletop whilst powering your appliances.

Quality design for durability and confidence

Give power to your setup without the clutter

Compatible with the Integrated Data Channel and Cable Tray - You will be able to keep your desktop clean and clutter free whilst maintaining power to your entire work station.

The EzyClip Power Board is designed with long-lasting durability, and the latest technology to keep your devices functioning efficiently. 

Compatible with Cable Management

The soft wired plugin power board is compatible with the Desky Integrated cable management system, allowing you to add 3, 6 or 9 direct power outlets within reach. Using the connecting junction you are able to use a single power cable to power everything, with all other cables managed neatly.

Power Management




Height/Length 2.1"/8.6"
Colours Available White/Black
Material Flame Retardant ABS
Ports White and Black: 3 x AC, 1 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C

Power Specifications

Socket Rating 15A 110-125V
Power Rating Max 1875W
USB Rating 5V/3.1A
Cable Length 39.7" Attached J Coupler Cable + 70.8" With the Starter Cable

What's Included

Included 70.8" starter cable or the connecting junction

GPO White and Black: 3 x AC, 1 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C