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Desky Chair Mat

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Desky Chair Mat

matte surface chair mat
Matte Surface avoid scratches
waterproof chair mat
Water Resistant prevent spills
ant slip chair mat
Anti Slip to stop harm
flat design chair mat
Flat Designanti-curling

Desky Chair Mat

If you’re tired of catching your caster wheels in the carpet, or you are worried about scuffing or cratering your floor, our chair mat makes a lot of sense. Allowing easy rolling for your chair and protecting your (presumably expensive) carpet in the process, our key shaped mat does both jobs with aplomb.

Cut to fit neatly underneath as well as in front of your desk, the key shape allows you to roll your chair right under - allowing you to get close in on your desk, a big help to achieve the best ergonomics.

This product is delivered rolled up, so don’t be surprised if your mat has a slight curve when first opened - unroll the mat and add weight for a short while if necessary to flatten. We recommend using chair mats with carpet floors that are up to 6mm with underlay.

office chair mat

Protect Your Floor

Durable PVC

Anti-Slip Texture

Translucent Design


Protects Your Floorfrom damage caused by chair casters, and spillages.

Durable PVC: minimises wear and tear to preserve your carpet, and the wheels of your office chair.

Prevent Slips and Falls by concealing wires and providing a grippy walking surface.

Semi-Translucent Designhelps this mat blend with any space.

Key Shaped To Fit Your Desk

Unique ‘key’ shaping means the mat extends slightly under your desk, allowing you to get in as close as you like without rolling off. This allows for the best position to support your arms while typing, helping offset the risks of muscle strain and RSI.

chair mat shape

chair mat dimpled

Bobbled For Stability

Designed to grip both carpet and hard floors. Provides total stability, using the increased surface area to hold tight on deep carpet, and to provide extra grip to minimise slipping and sliding. The perfectly engineered upper side allows for smooth rolling - perfect for those who are tired of getting their casters caught in the carpet.




Dimensions S: 47.2" x 36" L: 53.1" x 45.3"
Net Weight S: 11 lbs L:15.4 lbs

Material PVC and ABS
Colour Grey