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Your gaming space is a reflection of your personality. You want ample space to show off the investment you've made in your PC and equipment, whether you're sporting the entire Razer Quartz setup or just installed new LED-equipped fans in your CPU tower.

Your gaming space is a reflection of your personality. You want ample space to show off the investment you've made in your PC and equipment, whether you're sporting the entire Razer Quartz setup or just installed new LED-equipped fans in your CPU tower.

If your setup is in a tiny room, though, it can be tough to find gaming desks that fit without sacrificing space for your gaming PC, monitors, mouse, keyboard, headphones, and all those other essential gaming accessories.

Often, gamers choose other desks not perfectly designed for long hours of bashing enemies, but doing so can impact their health. Gaming desks are made to be completely adjustable so that you can maintain ergonomic posture and a comfortable chair position.

Some of the best gaming desks are actually standing desks, which lift to allow gamers to stand and play while still keeping everything at eye level. Our Desky gaming desks are designed with the best gaming experience in mind. Many of our models smoothly transition from a sitting to standing desk position with the least amount of hassle. That means you'll no longer have to take a break from your games when you need to stretch your legs!

Instead, at the click of a button, our gaming desk designed for a small space rises smoothly at the touch of a button, putting your entire setup at a comfortable level for on-your-feet play.

What Makes a Gaming Desk?

If you're on the hunt for a new desk, first spend some time researching the specs and extras available on gaming desks. You can outfit small gaming desks to meet all your needs, with features like multi-monitor support, monitor arms to keep the desk surface clear, gaming PC mounts, cable management, and even a cup holder!

dual gaming sit stand desk

Start at 23.62 in deep, and increase in size if you can. A suitable gaming desk should fit in your gaming space without overwhelming the room, but it should still be large enough to handle everything you throw at it.

Of course, your gaming desk will also need room for monitors large enough to show every stunning detail of your favorite AAA games, as well as multiple screens for multitasking with achievement guides, your favorite chat program, or a playlist of YouTube videos perfect for a long day of level grinding.

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PC mounts are another popular addition to a gaming setup because it creates additional desk space without leaving your precious rig on the floor. The same goes for monitor arms, but your gaming desk must be strong enough to support them without warping the desktop. Once you mount your monitor stand, a durable desk top with a high weight limit will eliminate edge bending.

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Cable management is also necessary to keep everything organized, like that available for the Desky Single Sit Stand, Dual Sit Stand, and L-Shaped gaming desks. The best gaming desk for small rooms should have integrated channels for cable management. These provide power to your PC and other devices without cluttering the desk surface, especially for gamers who keep their charging stand, controller stand, wired mouse, and gaming consoles on their desktop.

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A mini cable tray is another solid option if you have a compact gaming desk that has only just enough space for all of your gaming gear. They'll keep your cords out of sight, making your setup more organized.

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This gaming desk feature is essential for gamers who play across multiple platforms, as your gaming console cords should be separated from the PC cords in case you need to make quick adjustments to one or the other.

No gaming desk is complete without a place to store your headphones. A headphone hook keeps them out of the way until you're ready to join the in-game chat.

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Finally, if you genuinely want the best gaming desk setup, you'll need a cup holder. Small gaming desks already run the risk of becoming overcrowded, which means a drink set on any uneven surfaces can result in a disaster. A gaming desk with enough room on the overhang lets you attach a cup holder and keep the compact size without risking spillage. Want to add some more accessories now you have extra space? Check out our cool gaming desk accessories post!

Are L-shaped Desks Good for Gaming?

an L-shaped gaming desk

An L-shaped desk is one of the best investments you can make for your gaming setup, especially if you're dealing with a small space that you work and play in. With other gaming desks, it's common to use different pieces of furniture, like side tables, to compensate for the lack of desk space.

On the other hand, L-shaped desks provide the opportunity for plenty of under-desk storage. If you use it exclusively as a standing desk, you can even put storage shelves underneath for even more space to hold books, games, and whatever else you need to tuck away below eye level.

Unlike large pieces of furniture, like dressers and entertainment stands, L-shaped desks also allow you to utilise wall space for shelves, storage, cable management, or a hanging monitor stand. Small spaces can transform into the best gaming experience of your life with the right gaming desk.

Best Gaming Desks for Small Spaces and Bedrooms

Choosing the right gaming desk for a small space can feel like an impossible task. You have to carefully balance the proportions while still providing enough room for everything from your keyboard to your favourite drink.

Having a tiny space for your gaming desk doesn't mean you can't have an enjoyable gaming experience, though. It's just a matter of deciding what features are most important to you and which you're willing to do without.

With enough time and research, you just might be able to find a desk that suits your style perfectly, provides support for ergonomics, and includes adequate storage to keep everything tidy. Also consider the weight of your monitor when deciding on your purchase. So, what's the best gaming desk to buy if you're working in a tiny room? We've gathered up a few of our favourite options to help you decide!

Desky Single Sit Stand Gaming Desk

single sit stand gaming desk

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The Desky Single Sit Stand is the perfect height adjustable gaming desk for small rooms. It's ideal for console gaming with a single monitor but has 176.37lb of upward lift to effortlessly support more complicated setups with multiple monitors.

You can customize this gaming desk according to the size of your room, with desktops available in a durable laminate surface in black or white, with dimensions of 47.24 x 29.53 in, 59.06 x 29.53 in, and 70.87 x 29.53 in and programmable height control ranging from 28.74-48.43 in.

Desky Alpha Dual Sit Stand Gaming Desk

cool gaming desk setup at home

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With various desktop sizes to choose from, the Desky Alpha Dual offers plenty of surface area for all of your gamer accessories and supports multiple monitors. You won't miss a moment of the action!

If you need a gaming desk that offers even more space, though, there are options for gaming desk add-ons and features.

Add a Strap-on CPU Mount or Fixed CPU Mount to store your computer under your gaming desk securely, a Foldable Headphone Hanger to keep your headphones out of sight when you're not using them, and an Under Desk Drawer for handy storage without losing surface space.

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Our Alpha Dual gaming desk also has a textured surface, so you can skip the mouse and keyboard pad and prevent sliding off uneven surfaces during intense battles. The minimalist, ultra-slim legs maximize under-desk room for additional storage, like the Desky GO Slimline Mobile Pedestal, but still provide a rigorous foundation that stays stable through every gaming session.

If you want a gaming desk that puts your setup at the same level as your favorite pro gamers, this is the perfect desk for you.

Desky Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk

L shape gaming desk

Take your gaming to the next level with the Desky Sigma L-Shape gaming desk. This impressively large gaming surface transforms any corner of your room into the right space for hours and hours of comfortable gaming.

This is one of the best gaming desks for a small space because it features more than enough room for anything you could ever dream of placing on your gaming desktop surface. Instead of cluttering up your desktop, opt for some of our best add-on features for periphery storage.

In addition to the generous 63 x 55.12 x 27.56 in surface area, the 0.98 in thickness provides plenty of front support for gaming accessories. It features a Dual Monitor Arm, Cable and Power Management Channel, and built-in single-touch digital lift control with a USB charging port.

Of course, you won't have to worry that your Desky Sigma won't be able to lift all of your gaming necessities. Our desk frames are designed with thicker legs for added strength and wider feet for sure-fire stability. They also features a unique triple motor lifting system for a total weight capacity of 440.93 lb.

Desky Ergonomic T LED Gaming Desk

Ergonomic T-led gaming desk

The Desky Ergonomic T LED Gaming Desk is the best gaming desk for small areas that you want to feel more like a large space.

While this gaming desk has the smallest desktop surface, you won't have any trouble finding storage for everything you want to keep close at hand. The built-in hook for headphones and attached drink holder keep the tabletop surface clear. Additionally, unlike the traditional four legs design, the T-style leg design maximizes under-desk storage.

In addition to being one of the best gaming desks for practical reasons, it's also stylish! Love the aesthetic of LED gaming desks but don't want to bother with troublesome, sticky light strips? This gaming desk has lights built right into the edge banding for ambient lighting without lamps taking up valuable desk space. Then, there's even more room for your must-have gear and gaming desk setup.

While the Desky Ergonomic T LED gaming desk does not include a lift motor, it's a solid middle-ground for a small space that can still support a multi-monitor gaming computer system.

Desky Dual Hardwood Sit Stand Desk

Desky dual hardwood sit stand desk

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For many, the best gaming desks are those that offer a stylish and sustainable minimalist computer worktop. The Desky Dual Hardwood Sit Stand Desk offers unbeatable durability and style, thanks to its one-of-a-kind hardwood surface. Each piece has a unique grain and color, depending on the type of wood you choose.

We offer 47.24 x 29.53 in, 59.06 x 29.53 in, 70.87 x 29.53 in, and 78.74 x 29.53 in desktops in rich Walnut, bold Pheasantwood, understated White Oak, rustic Red Oak, utilitarian White Ash, and retro Teak.

Each desk also includes a built-in dual motor that can quietly lift up to 308.65 lb for late-night gaming sessions. You can swiftly move from sitting to standing without taking your eye off the prize and without worrying the noise might disturb your housemates.

Eureka Gaming Desk

Eureka gaming desk

If you're wondering what desks pro gamers use, you'll see that the Eureka Gaming Desk is one of the most talked-about gaming desk models. They're popular because of their size and overall design, but keep in mind that most of their accessories cost nearly as much as the desk itself.

If you're looking for a full setup for your pc that includes things like monitor arms and a keyboard tray, remember to factor in the cost of accessories during your search.

Typhoon Gaming Desk

Typhoon gaming desk

The Typhoon Gaming Desk is another popular option with gamers but may not be optimal for a small space with its dimensions of 59.06 W x 29.53 D x 29.53 H in. While it does provide a solid work surface with a weight limit of 88.18lb, it lacks height adjustability. One nifty feature is the LED lighting that lights the desk up for great ambience during your gaming adventures.

Are Gaming Desks Worth It?

Gaming desks are certainly worth the investment if you want to maximize the available space in a small room. Without it becoming unwieldy or overbearing, you want a place for your keyboard, monitor, mouse, PC, and gaming consoles, not to mention your other devices.

alpha dual standing gaming desk

Your gaming desk should also keep you comfortable and active for hours of play in its company. A gaming desk that makes you feel cramped or uncomfortable isn't worth the cost, especially if it doesn't even have enough space for safe computer storage.

When looking for the best gaming desk for small spaces, focus on purchasing a gaming desk from a trusted company that will make you the most comfortable, give you an awesome gaming experience, and keep your body in peak condition so you can crush team raids without compromising on ergonomics. Take a look at our Desky range of sit stand gaming desks today!

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