What is the plastic under a chair called?

Ever noticed the plastic sheet under an office chair and wondered what it's called? It's not just an unimportant accessory. It's known as an office chair mat and plays a crucial role in maintaining the longevity of your office flooring.

This often-overlooked object is more than simply a protective sheet; it's an essential component of a comprehensive and ergonomic office setup.

What do you call the plastic under an office chair?

When it comes to naming the plastic layer under an office chair, most of us might stumble. Unaware of its true purpose, we simply consider it part of the office's aesthetic. However, this plastic piece is widely recognized as an "office chair mat".

This crucial furniture accessory provides significant protection against the potential damage caused by chair wheels and offers added maneuverability, making it an essential component of any ergonomic office setup.

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Do you need a plastic mat under an office chair?

A frequent query that arises when creating the perfect office setup is about the necessity of a chair mat. Indeed, for most offices with rolling chairs, the use of such a mat is not just recommended; it's almost mandatory.

The logic behind this lies in the high likelihood of floor damage through the use of rolling office chairs, especially on unprotected surfaces. To maintain the integrity of office flooring and enhance the lifespan of your surface, a chair mat becomes a must-have accessory.

Do polycarbonate chair mats crack?

Amidst the variety of materials used in chair mats, polycarbonate stands out owing to its exceptional strength, durability, and visual appeal. This material does not buckle, crack, or discolour under normal usage.

Moreover, polycarbonate chair mats offer an easy-glide surface without emitting any smell, making them a preferred choice in busy offices.

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What is the bottom of an office chair called?

If you've ever glanced at the bottom of an office chair, you'll notice the single, strong leg supporting the entire structure. This unique, primary supporting feature is known as the gas lift.

Towards the floor, this leg opens into several smaller appendages, which usually sport wheels and are collectively referred to as casters. These integral parts of an office chair aid mobility and overall functionality within the scope of good posture maintaining practices.


It's clear that a chair mat isn't merely a plastic sheet but an essential component of an office setup. These mats, especially those fashioned from polycarbonate, provide extended durability, floor protection, and a smooth rolling surface for office chairs.

The gas lift and casters, forming the bottom part of an office chair, further augment its utility and ergonomic design. Understanding their functions is fundamental to creating an ergonomically sound office environment. So, the next time you spot that plastic mat under your chair, you'll know the key role it plays in your workspace's efficiency.

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