What is the hardest wood for desk?

With shifting trends, the significance of workspace ergonomics has grown, with one aspect being deciding the types of wood used in creating a highly durable desk. To cater to this, let's dive in and explore the hardest and the most ideal wood types for your desk.

Which Wood is Hardest for Furniture?

One may be surprised to learn that the hardest hardwood available commercially is none other than hickory. This resolute wood rates five times harder than aspen, a variety considered to be on the “soft” scale of hardwoods.

The depth of available hardwood species stretches for miles, with hundreds of types representative of the diverse North American hardwood population.

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What is the Strongest Wood for a Table?

Picking the mightiest wood for your table or desk that ensures longevity can be an important factor. A myriad of options available in the market, including cherry, walnut, and maple, are available, but hickory outshines all.

As you weigh your options for sturdy compositions, hickory takes the lead, and when this choice is paired with the right ergonomic setup such as an ergonomic chair, you load all factors in your favor.

What is the Best Material to Make a Desk Out of?

Wood has been a long-standing choice of material for manufacturing desks. Amongst the plethora of wood types, oak, pine, and maple are the most common.

However, if you are looking to deviate from the norm, you might want to explore the world of teak and mahogany. With their exotic charm, teak and mahogany can also serve as unique and sturdy choices.

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What Woods are Used for Desks?

Wood choice for desk builds often converges on hardwoods. Oak, in particular, comes out on top in the realm of computer desk material.

Its dexterity, durability, fire resistance, along with a wide range of staining options make it a go-to choice for many homeowners. Furthermore, oak can give your home office a timeless appeal and a commendable lifespan.


Deciding the type of wood for your furniture can be a daunting task, especially if it's something as crucial as a desk. Keeping longevity and style in mind, hickory and oak stand out as excellent preferences.

The unparalleled durability of hickory and the versatility of oak together offer a blend of strength and aesthetics, turning your desk into a perfect workspace fixture.

When setting up a new home office or upgrading an old one, remember to choose your wood type carefully; a desk is not just furniture, but it's also an investment that can help improve your health.

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