What is a computer monitor arm?

Are you struggling with uncomfortable viewing angles on your monitor or often experience eye fatigue?

Your solution could be a computer monitor arm, a productivity-boosting device. Let's explore this a bit more!

Why is a monitor arm a necessity?

Providing crucial flexibility, computer monitor arms help to offset eye stress by offering users uncomplicated adjustability for screen elevation and proximity.

They enable ergonomic positioning of your screen, thus keeping undesirable squinting and head inclinations at bay. By adopting this healthier visual habit, you can enhance comfort and productivity during those long working hours.

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Can you attach a monitor arm to any monitor?

Almost all monitors can accommodate an arm mount. Essential to this adjustment is the VESA hole patterning located at the rear of most monitors.

With universally accepted dimensions of either 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm, this design allows for an easy connection to a monitor arm.

Will my desk support a monitor arm?

Commercially produced office furniture usually comes prepared for this desirable upgrade. Desks with a 0.9 inches thickness can perform quite suitably, while a 0.47 inches desktop can still function effectively for single mounts.

Monitor arm clamps often open up to a width of 2 inches. For those with thicker tabletops, alternatives like through-mounts or wall mounts are viable options.

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What's the life expectancy of a monitor arm?

A key determinant of a monitor arm's longevity is its construction. With mechanical (spring) monitor arms, lifespan can easily stretch to 8 to 10 years, given their efficient design with fewer dependent parts.


In an era dominated by screen-based work, a computer monitor arm is a staple for a healthy and productive work environment. It offers crucial flexibility, is compatible with most monitors and desks, and promises durability.

So, whether you are looking to enhance comfort or aiming to sustain productivity - a computer monitor arm is a worthy investment.

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