Are electric desks reliable?

Are you deliberating about investing in an electric desk? The primary question on your mind may be, "Are electric desks reliable?" Dive into this informative article for all the answers you need.

Are Electric Standing Desks Reliable?

Electric desks are among the most trustworthy types of standing desks, guided primarily by their electronic motors. These motors enable height adjustments with just a button click, offering convenience that is unmatched by manual, crank-style desks.

The latter frequently has load-balancing problems, as extensive testing has shown. Thus, if you're looking for reliable and convenient standing desks, electronic ones come out on top due to their superior functionality.

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How Long Do Electric Desks Last?

Electric desks tend to have a lifespan that ranges between 5 and 10 years. Typically, the frame gives out first, then the motor.

However, some electric desks are more durable than others, depending on the quality of the materials and the design. For example, Desky's electric desks are made with premium desktops, spill-resistant coatings, and threaded inserts that ensure optimal longevity. Desky also offers a 10-year warranty on their desks, which shows their confidence in their products

Which is Better – Manual or Electric Standing Desk?

If you intend to switch between standing and sitting positions frequently during your workday or suffer from limitations such as carpal tunnel syndrome, an electric standing desk offers conveniences such as easy button-based height adjustments.

Unlike manual versions, an electric standing desk can be raised or lowered with the push of a button, making it an excellent choice for those with wrist or hand mobility issues.

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Do Electric Desks use a Lot of Electricity?

The answer is no. Electric desks use very little electricity, especially when compared to other appliances and devices. Desky electric desks are designed to be energy-efficient, durable, and eco-friendly.

Our Desky Dual Ergo Edge Sit Stand Desk has a power consumption of 0.5W in standby mode and 100W in motion. 

This means that even if you use the electric adjustment and the USB ports frequently, the power consumption of your electric desk is negligible.


To sum it up, electric desks prove to be reliable, durable, and energy-efficient. They offer the convenience of electronic motor-based adjustments and are particularly beneficial for those who require frequent position changes or suffer from wrist mobility issues.

Rest assured that their electricity usage is minimal and not a cause for concern. Explore our wide range of standing desks and adjustable sit stand desks to find one that best suits your needs.

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