Where in the house is the best place for a desk?

If you've ever thought about establishing a productive and comfortable workspace at home, you might have wondered, "Where in the house is the best place for a desk?". This question is imperative when creating an optimal workspace. This article delves into factors influencing ideal desk placement and orientation.

Where Should a Desk Go in a House?

The placement of a desk in your home does not have to adhere strictly to traditional home office norms. One might think that the best setting for a desk is a dedicated office room, but this isn't always on hand. Instead, a creative approach can be adopted.

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You might situate the desk behind your sofa, making good use of the living room space. Another convenient spot is by a window; apart from offering a splendid view, such a location favors natural light conducive to work. Along a wall, the desk can effectively replace a console table.

In managing potential clutter, desks with integrated storage are an asset. Alternatively, consider installing shelves and utilizing stylish baskets or boxes to hold office paraphernalia. This way, the elderly-style office look is avoided, and the desk integrates seamlessly into your home setting.

What is the Best direction for a Desk to Face?

Surprisingly, desk orientation can impact work productivity significantly. According to the principles of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, facing east is ideal for peak work performance and mind-body harmony.

If this cannot be achieved, facing the north is the next best thing. Facing south or west is seen as less beneficial. Therefore, these directions should be avoided if possible.

Should My Desk Face the Window or Wall?

Though placing your desk facing a window might seem appealing, due to the beautiful scenery, experts advise against this. Much of the concern revolves around adverse distractions that might hamper productivity.

As a rule, opt for positioning the desk against the window, towards the room's middle, and facing the entrance. This setup not only lessens distractions but also ensures you can monitor anyone entering or leaving the office.

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What is the Best Desk Position?

While finding the perfect location and orientation for your desk, adhere to the guidelines mentioned above. Ideal performance is associated with placing the desk in the room's middle and facing the entrance. Notwithstanding, individual peculiarities should also influence placement decisions.

Since perfect desk placement depends on various factors such as room size, available lighting, noise level, and, above all, personal comfort, it may require some tweaking and modifications before you find the optimal location.


In a nutshell, the best place for a desk in a house all boils down to one's personal preference, blended with some strategic positioning. The core aim should be to create a conducive and comfortable workspace. Considering these tips, your desk can be more than just furniture; it will transform into a productivity tool.

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