What type of anti fatigue mat is best?

An anti-fatigue mat is a critical component of a workspace. Identifying the most beneficial and comfortable kind can elicit an observable change in productivity levels and the overall health and well-being of those persevering through extended standing periods.

What is the best type of anti fatigue mat?

For superior body support and optimal comfort, highly recommended anti-fatigue mats incorporate excellent quality, durability, and effectiveness.

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The manufacturer’s proprietary techniques are used to ensure that these mats reduce strain on the feet, knees, legs, and backs, thereby enabling improved work productivity and optimal comfort. You can find more about these features in Desky Anti-Fatigue Rectangle Standing Mat.

Are gel or foam anti fatigue mats better?

The choice between gel-based or foam-based mats typically depends more on each individual’s requirements and preferences.

Foam types often become increasingly rigid over time, limiting the degree of cushioning effect. In contrast, while gel floor mats remain considerably softer, their structures may allow for extreme squishiness, potentially failing to provide the needed level of support.

By evaluating the level of compressibility and softness required, customers can make the most suitable choice for their workspace. To learn more about how you can energise and make yourself comfortable while working at a standing desk, you can visit our article Do You Need A Mat For A Standing Desk?

What is the best thickness for an anti fatigue mat?

Based on industrial standards and ergonomic principles, it is recommended that anti-fatigue mats have a minimum thickness of 3/8 inch. This ensures that the mat possesses the necessary properties to counter the physical stress attributed to extended standing periods.

Thickness is a crucial factor since appropriate depth facilitates better absorption of pressure, thereby preventing strain on various body parts.

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Do anti fatigue mats actually work?

Scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of anti fatigue mats. The use of such mats, as opposed to standing on a standard rigid surface, can significantly lessen lower back pain, indicating the meaningful impact that they can have on overall health.

Individuals experiencing lengthy periods of standing at their workspace can greatly benefit from incorporating anti-fatigue mats, available at Desky®'s Standing Desk Mats Collection.


In conclusion, the selection of the best anti fatigue mat ultimately depends on the specific demands and convenience of the individual. While both foam and gel mats have their advantages and drawbacks, the optimal selection can substantially affect the comfort, productivity, and health of the user.

With a thickness of at least 3/8 inch, industrial-grade anti fatigue mats demonstrate exceptional performance, reducing physical stress and enhancing overall comfort. Furthermore, ample evidence supports the efficacy of these mats, underlining their essential role in ensuring an optimal workspace.

For more insights on the advantages of using a standing desk all day with an anti-fatigue mat, refer to our article, Should You Use A Standing Desk All Day?.

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