What size desk do I need for dual monitor setup?

For professionals or gaming enthusiasts who depend on dual monitors for optimum performance, investing in the right desk set-up is paramount.

Precisely determining the right size of a desk for a dual monitor setup involves considering key aspects such as monitor size, available workspace, and individual ergonomics. This article provides insight on critical points to guide you through.

How big should a desk be for 2 monitors?

To house two displays adequately, desk space comes to the forefront. We advocate for a desk size around 55 inches wide and 30 inches deep. This expansive size provision caters for monitors and leaves ample elbow space to maintain optimal posture while reducing strain.

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Can you fit two monitors on a 40 inch desk?

The feasibility of housing two 24-inch monitors on a 40-inch desk largely relies on the desk design and monitor stands. For avid gamers, this setup can offer sufficient space, albeit a bit compact. Therefore, monitor placement could require inventive approaches to optimize space usage and comfort.

You might consider using monitor arms or monitor shelves such as those from Desky to help you save space and create an aesthetic desk.

What type of desk is best for dual monitors?

When it comes to the quintessential desk type for dual monitors, L-shaped desks stand unrivalled due to their convenience in space utilization. Simultaneously, integrated shelving takes organization to a new level by eradicating clutter.

Three cable holes ensure tidy cable management, improving the aesthetic and functionality of both office and home setups.

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What is the best size for a dual monitor setup?

While sizing options are plentiful, smaller monitors with 27-inch screens or less are popular for dual-monitor setups since larger ones have the potential to monopolise much needed desk space. Clearly, personal preference and usage needs inevitably play a crucial role in determining the perfect monitor size for you.


To wrap up, desk size is essential for an efficient dual monitor arrangement, with wide desks 55 inches by 30 inches offering abundant space. Yes, you can squeeze two 24-inch monitors on a 40-inch desk, but with limited wiggle room.

However, pairing an L-shaped desk with screens of 27 inches or less is often the best bet for effective workspace utilization. If you're setting up a laptop with a monitor, visit our comprehensive guide on the subject.

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