What can I use instead of a standing desk?
Inquisitive minds often ask, "What can I use instead of a standing desk?" Standing desks are trending in office spaces worldwide, offering a host of health benefits. But isn't there another way if a standing desk isn't an option? Let's explore.

Converting Your Standard Desk into a Standing Desk

Every ordinary desk holds the potential to transform into an ergonomic setup akin to a standing desk. Extension of the desk's legs brings the top to a higher, more comfortable level for standing. Moreover, the addition of a shelf serves as the perfect perch for a printer or office supplies.

This modification turns an average desk into a functional standing desk that promotes improved health and productivity. In case you'd like a professional solution, you could consider standing desks and adjustable sit-stand desks which provide the same health benefits.

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Increasing Standing Time Without a Standing Desk

There are numerous ways to stand more if a standing desk doesn't suit your requirements. Simple changes in habit can drastically improve your standing time.

For instance, taking calls on your feet, pacing while reading, or standing when a colleague enters your office can help you move more. These small changes, infused into your daily routine, can lead to significant cumulative effects on your overall health.

Is a Standing Desk Necessary for Health?

While a standing desk is not mandatory to maintain health, evidence suggests its use can assist in reducing the risk of health issues such as diabetes.

Studies from reputable sources like MayoClinic.org confirm that extended periods of sitting can lead to health complications. Aligning with this, using standing desks or standing desk converters offers a proactive strategy against sedentary-related health complications.

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Creating a Standing Desk at Home

Building your standing desk is feasible and brings the advantage of customization. Measure your comfortable standing height and adjust your desk accordingly. Plan around the cost of building your own standing desk at home by considering the materials you want to use and any additional features you may want to incorporate.

You can use store-bought risers or DIY with books or wood blocks. Placing a high stool nearby allows the flexibility of sitting and standing, promoting a balance in postures.


Shifting to a standing desk or modifying your current desk to be one offers significant health benefits. Though it is not absolutely necessary, substituting prolonged sitting with periods of standing throughout your daily routine can help mitigate the risk of developing health issues related to sedentary habits.

And yes, it's entirely feasible to create your standing workstation right in your home. Ultimately, whatever option works best for you, the key is to find a balance between sitting, standing, and movement for optimum health.

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