What can I put on my desk to make it a standing desk?
Seated office work can impact your health over time. To counter this, we present how your desk can be converted into a standing desk to encourage healthier work habits. Now, the pressing question is: What can I put on my desk to make it a standing desk?

How Can I Turn My Desk into a Standing Desk?

If you’re pondering converting your current workspace into a healthier station, a sit-stand desk converter might be the answer you are looking for. Placing this device on your existing desk or table instantly transforms it into an adjustable-height workstation, promising a positive boost to your overall wellbeing.

Accompany it with a detachable keyboard tray to match your keyboard to the perfect typing elevation. It's all about simplicity and taking care towards your health.

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What Can I Use Instead of a Standing Desk?

Perhaps you're seeking an alternative to a full-scale standing desk. You're not alone in this. Several effective solutions exist, ranging from using large, sturdy books to makeshift platforms. Ergonomic solutions like standing desk converters remain a popular choice given their adaptability, portability, and cost-effectiveness.

What is a Standing Desk Converter?

A standing desk converter is a multi-leveled, height-flexible mini-desk that serves the purpose of transitioning your existing desk between sitting and standing positions.

Our Desky Zero Standing Desk Converter is designed to fit on any desk and can be easily adjusted to your preferred height, from 6.3 inches to 17.3 inches. It can support up to 28.7 pounds of weight, so you can place your monitor, laptop, keyboard, and mouse on it.

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How Can I Increase the Height of My Desk?

To customize the height of your desk, use desk risers. Available in varied dimensions, these devices allow for easy elevation of your desk surface. Feel that your desk should rise by a few inches? Just attach the suitable size of riser, be it 3-inch, 4- to 8-inch, or even adjustable sets for maximal customization.


Ultimately, the goal is to adopt healthier work habits. Convertible workspaces like standing desks or improvisations thereof signal a positive shift towards achieving this goal. Be it through a stand desk converter or desk risers, the transformation to a more conducive work setting starts with one simple step.

Each solution highlights the importance of embracing ergonomics and its impact on overall health amidst long working hours. And at Desky, we are committed to providing solutions that make your transition to healthier work habits seamless and effortless.

Note that ergonomics should never be compromised for cost, as it pays off in the form of health, productivity, and overall wellbeing. Embrace the change; let us at Desky help you transform your desk into a standing one efficiently and comfortably.

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