What are adjustable chairs called?
Ever wondered about the unique, comfortable seating solutions in your workplace? Chairs that adjust to your comfort preferences are a key part of ergonomic furniture. Allow us to enlighten you on the many types and benefits of ergonomic chairs.

Definition of a Movable Chair

There's a specific term for those desk chairs that spin and glide across the office floor. They're called swivel chairs.

Swivel chairs come with a base outfitted with premium quality castor wheels, allowing the individual to glide effortlessly in their workspace. These chairs, also known as office chairs, facilitate flexible movement within the workspace, eliminating the need to constantly stand up.

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Understanding an Adjustable Chair

Surely there's more to an adjustable chair than just moving around? Absolutely. In fact, adjustable chairs boast a unique feature known as pneumatic seat height adjustment.

This feature is fundamental in various chairs, including executive, task, and Desky Pro Ergonomic Chairs, providing superior ergonomic benefits. Pneumatic seat height adjustment enables users to fine-tune their seat height using a pneumatic cylinder integrated into the under-seat mechanism.

Types of Adjustable Seats

Office chairs are essential pieces of furniture that provide comfort and support for various tasks and activities. One of the features that office chairs offer is the pneumatic seat height adjustment, which allows you to adjust the height of the seat by using a lever or paddle under the seat.

Another feature is the tilt with adjustable tilt tension, which enables you to recline the chair backward and adjust the amount of force needed to do so. A third feature is the tilt lock, which allows you to lock or unlock the tilt of the chair in a desired position. These features help you customize the comfort and support of your office chair.

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    Varieties of Executive Chairs

    Ergonomic solutions extend to the realm of executive chairs as well, with different types for various needs. Some popular options include mesh executive chairs like the Desky Adjustable High Back Mesh Chair, known for their breathability, ergonomic executive chairs designed for maximum comfort; elegant leather executive chairs; and heavy-duty executive chairs built for long-lasting use.

    Final Thoughts

    To summarize, adjustable chairs, often known as swivel or office chairs, are synonymous with flexible, ergonomic seating. They include features like pneumatic seat height adjustment for optimum comfort.

    Specifically meant for the leaders are a curated selection of executive chairs—all aimed to provide excellent comfort and functionality. As experts in ergonomic furniture, we endorse the use of adjustable chairs for their marked contribution to employee comfort and productivity

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