Is it cheaper to make your own standing desk?

If you are looking for ways to improve your health and productivity at work, you might have considered building a standing desk. But how much does it cost to build a standing desk from scratch? And is it worth the effort compared to buying one? Let's find out.

Cost Analysis for Building a Standing Desk

Creating a standing desk from scratch allows for significant savings, given that you have the necessary skill set and resources. However, for those doubtful of their craftsmanship, purchasing one of the standing desks & adjustable sit stand desks, might be a more practical option.

It is advantageous to contrast the cost of materials, tools, stuff, and your time with the price of an already-available standing desk, as making your own might end up costing more in terms of time and effort.

Should I build my own standing desk?

Construction enthusiasts often derive considerable joy from building their own standing desk, regarding the experience as an exciting project rather than a tedious task, as discussed here.

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However, if cost-saving is your main motivation, bear in mind the potential pitfalls. Misjudged dimensions or materials can result in an unstable desk, undermining the ergonomic intent of the project and leading to problems like working too hard due to a high desk.

Introducing the 20 8 2 Rule

One must maintain a healthy balance between sitting, standing, and moving to optimize ergonomic benefits. Cornell University's Professor of Ergonomics, Alan Hedge, introduced a method known as the 20 8 2 rule.

This rule implies alternating every half an hour between sitting for 20 minutes, standing for eight minutes, and moving around for at least two minutes.

Benefits of the 20 8 2 Rule

Adherence to this rule:

  • Emphasizes effective fatigue management
  • Decreases the risk of establishing musculoskeletal disorders
  • Assists in maintaining proper posture

Conversion of an Existing Desk Into a Standing Desk

If you own a stable conventional desk, transforming it into a standing workstation can be smooth.

You can easily attach a sit-stand converter to your existing setup, enabling you to alternate between sitting and standing positions without the need for additional assembly. It offers a quick solution to transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one.

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Benefits of a Sit-Stand Converter

Using a sit-stand converter:

  • Facilitates easy switching between sitting and standing positions
  • Saves you from the trouble of manufacturing a new desk
  • Retains the comfort and familiarity of your existing workspace


The answer to whether building your own standing desk is cheaper depends on your personal circumstances and resources. If you possess the necessary skills and tools, creating your own could be a more affordable option.

Yet, bear in mind the potential pitfalls and consider other cost-saving solutions like sit-stand converters. Striking a balance between cost effectiveness, ergonomic needs, and comfort is essential when choosing or creating a standing desk.

If you need help finding the right desk for you, head on over to our article, How Do I Choose A Standing Desk? for a comprehensive guide.

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