Is it better to sit or stand while working out?

As we increasingly recognize the significance of maintaining strong body health within our working environments, the question arises: is standing or sitting the better approach? Let's dive deep into this inquiry and equip our workspace for ultimate health benefits.

Is it healthier to stand or sit while working?

Stepping away from long sitting hours and incorporating more standing or movement in our work routine has been linked with improved overall health. Stand-up workstations offer an engaging, dynamic alternative to the conventional sitting desk.

Whether you are working from home or replying to emails, every effort you put towards adding standing or moving time will bring considerable health enhancements to your routine.

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  • Interrupting sitting hours with bouts of standing or moving improves blood circulation.
  • This switch positively impacts your metabolism and enhances heart health.
  • Additionally, mental health shows improvements with a reduction in sitting time.

Consequently, allocating one hour per day to standing instead of sitting remarkably benefits your waistline, cholesterol levels, and overall body fat.

Is standing exercise better than sitting?

Standing dominates over sitting in terms of caloric expenditure. It is a seemingly minor adjustment, yet standing for a six-hour duration results in burning roughly 50 calories more than sitting for an equivalent span.

Imagine it as a gradual fitness journey. The average American, who sits for an average of 11 hours per day, can greatly benefit from this transition.

Is standing better than sitting for weight loss?

Weight loss is another appealing benefit to be earned from healthy workspace habits. Research demonstrates that standing generally expends more calories than sitting.

An adult weighing an average of 143 pounds, for instance, burns around 0.15 additional calories per minute when standing instead of sitting. Should you choose to stand for six hours per day in place of sitting, you have the opportunity to burn an added 54 calories.

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Does it take more energy to sit or stand?

Energy utilization also varies between sitting and standing. While sitting, an individual burns around 80 calories per hour, similar to small activities like typing or watching television.

Conversely, standing leads to a marginal increase in calorie burn, inflating the number to about 88 calories per hour. If your goal is to maximize calorie burn, activities like walking take the lead, burning up to 210 calories per hour.


Embracing a standing routine over a sedentary, seated day brings numerous health benefits, ranging from improved circulation and mental health to increased calorie expenditure.

Advantages in weight loss and energy utilization also favor standing, making it a strong candidate for breaking traditional seated working norms. However, balance is key. Experts recommend an alternating approach; neither prolonged sitting nor standing is advisable. Regular breaks help maintain variety and comfort.

All of this data points towards one conclusion: Making an effort to integrate more movement or standing time into our workday is a step forward for our health and wellbeing.

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