How should you sit at an L-shaped desk?

Improve your workspace by exploring how to optimally utilize an L-shaped desk. Enhancing your productivity hinges not only on your work ethic but also on efficient furniture placement and utilization.

How do you arrange an L-shaped desk in office?

L-shaped desks are versatile and offer multiple arrangement possibilities. They can conveniently fit into a corner, maximizing your use of space. Alternatively, a creative approach would be to position the desk to form a V shape within the room.

For another attractive option, place your desk perpendicular to the wall. Pair it with a bookcase or shelves on the prominent wall to create a U-shaped workspace. This setup promotes accessibility and brings a streamlined aesthetic to your office.

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What is the command position of the L desk?

From a Feng Shui perspective, L-shaped desks are advised to be situated at the farthest point of the office, commonly known as the command position.

Ideally, this position should have the least amount of space at the back of the room. Such strategic positioning invites supportive and protective energy into your workspace, thereby enhancing your productivity and work output.

What is the point of an L-shaped desk?

The beauty of an L-shaped desk lies in its ergonomic design. This layout provides a generous amount of work surface while keeping every necessary piece of equipment within close proximity.

There's no more need to stretch or strain awkwardly to access paperwork or devices. With a simple swivel in your office chair, you gain easy access to your entire workspace.

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Is it better to have an L-shaped desk?

Considerations stretch beyond simply how much floor space a desk consumes. An L-shaped desk shines by integrating multiple facets into its design: a large work area, easy access, and potential extra storage. It accommodates your laptop, files, and additional essentials comfortably.

Pair it with a hutch, and you will see an exponential increase in organizational capabilities. This ensemble provides storage for not only office supplies but also personal items, fostering an environment that aligns with both your professional and personal needs.


Compelling evidence supports the assertion that an L-shaped desk is not just an office requirement but also a tool promoting productivity. Its versatility in placement, the command position incorporating Feng Shui principles, ready accessibility and extra storage make it a truly valuable addition to your office.

Undeniably, such a strategically chosen piece of ergonomic furniture can serve as an asset in the realization of your professional objectives. Remember, every tool in your workspace, especially your desk, directly influences your work output. Invest wisely and efficiently.

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