How do you install under desk drawers?

Well-crafted and properly installed under desk drawers optimize your workspace, offer ample storage, and provide easy access to varied office accessories. This article aims to answer your questions about installing under desk drawers.

What is the easiest way to install drawer slides?

Installing drawer slides properly ensures smooth operation of your under desk drawers. With the help of clear and user-friendly instructions, careful measurements, and the right tools, this task can be simplified.

To start, measure accurately where your drawer slides need to be mounted, ensuring both sides are level. The objective is to place slides exactly parallel. Measure twice to be certain. Use a level tool for precision.

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Place your slides in their determined position and mark your mounting holes. Remember to secure your slide and line it with your marks before securing it with screws.

Lastly, ensure that the slides function as planned. Slide them open and shut multiple times to make sure they glide without friction.

Helpful tools to consider:

  • A good screwdriver
  • Level
  • Tape measure

If you want to further optimize your workspace, you might want to consider the benefits of using a standing desk as it can also help alleviate back pain and enhance overall productivity.

How do you put a drawer back on a track?

You've likely encountered a scenario where the drawer has gone off track, making it challenging to open or close. Inspecting, realigning, and resetting your drawer can resolve this issue.

Atomic steps include removing the drawer from the current position, examining the tracks for potential damage, aligning the drawer to the track correctly, and rolling back the drawer into its initial position.

An important step during this process is ensuring tracks are not damaged, as they can render your efforts futile. In the case of damaged tracks, consider replacing them for smoother operation.

How do you set up desk drawers?

The setup process for your desk drawers is contingent upon delivering a clean, organized space within your workstation. Desky's Height Adjustable Standing Desks are perfect to pair with your drawers to create an efficient workspace.

Initially, you might want to consider cleaning the drawer and wiping away any dust or dirt. Secondly, organize your office essentials; this could entail sorting similar items together in containers, using drawer dividers to segregate the space, or labeling the sections for easier navigation.

With consistent maintenance and organization, your desk drawers can provide optimal results, making your office space clean and orderly.

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How do you install roller runners?

Roller runners uphold the operational functionality of your under-desk drawer. They allow a smooth and effortless drawer slide. To install them, mark precise positions where rollers need to be located and consider measurement accuracy for both sides.

Fit each roller runner to the drawer sides using screws, but ensure that they are flush with the drawer front. Then, attach these to the drawer cabinet, making sure that they are level. Test if the rollers work efficiently and smoothly.


In conclusion, the processes of installing, fixing, or setting up your under-desk drawers are manageable tasks. With accurate measurements, the right tools, and careful installation, they can provide a well-organized, efficient workspace. Using your standing desk correctly paired with well-installed under desk drawers, can significantly enhance your workspace performance.

It's essential to adhere to any specific guidelines or instructions that come with your drawer unit to eliminate the risk of damaging components during installation. Remember, consistency and regular maintenance are key to a productive, clutter-free work environment.

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