How do I position my dual monitor stand?
Ergonomics in the workplace is of utmost importance, especially in remote working setups. One common query is, "How do I position my dual monitor stand?" Let's guide you through the process.

How should dual monitors be positioned?

Dual monitors, when positioned correctly, can significantly enhance usability and productivity. Assembling them adjacent maximises ease of usage, allowing for simple eye movements across screens, rather than stressful neck and head manoeuvring.

In terms of monitor height, aim for the top of the screens to align with or fall below eye level. Large monitors of over 30” should be placed such that the eye level fits into the upper third of the area. Remember, your comfort is essential - keep tweaking until perfection.

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How do you position a monitor stand?

Proper positioning of the monitor stand is a vital link to attaining ergonomic friendliness. The base should be steady, ensuring that the screens do not wobble or shake while in use.

You will want to adjust the stand so that it provides an optimal viewing experience based on your chair and desk height as well as your angle of viewing.

What is the best position for a monitor stand?

Interestingly, there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach for positioning a monitor stand. Naturally, the prime location lies at or slightly below your eye level. Bear in the mind the rule of flexibility – as user comfort varies, position your screen to eliminate strain on your eyes, neck and back.

Laptop users may also benefit from a laptop stand, which applies the same principle of raised viewing for a more ergonomic experience.

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How do you mount a dual monitor stand?

No stress, mounting a dual monitor stand can be attained with relative ease. After choosing your optimal position, tightly secure the stand to your desk, ensuing it's fixed and won't move with regular use.

Attach your monitors to the stand, making sure they're safe and secure. Lastly, adjust the height and tilt per individual preference and comfort.


Correctly positioning your dual monitor stand makes a huge difference in maintaining good posture and facilitating efficient workflow. Always align the top of your visible screen area with your eye level.

Remember, a flexible approach works best – be ready to make adjustments for maximum comfort. Learn more about the principles of ergonomics. Be kind to your body and mind, synchronise your space ergonomically today!

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